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  1. xerox6060


    Yep the web site has been incorrect for ages, always been 10.20pm but not open Sundays or Bank Holidays...easy ...
  2. xerox6060


    Not sure where you got them from... 22.20 ish as always I thought .....David Lloyd members only I would anticipate ...though I'm not 100 per cent sure here ..
  3. Thought he played well, and Cardiff played with plenty of spirit .. interesting game next weekend...
  4. First goal dreadful ...but I agree I thought he looked a good and intelligent player be ideal hopefully with Kalas strength and Atlinson's growing maturity ...
  5. Just walk back towards the Long Ashton park and ride and down the slip road or on the path that runs to the left down the hill next to the David Lloyd Centre ...Feeder Road we are talking the same Park and Ride here are we ...get off bus at 2nd stop as someone said near the old ten pin bowling complex a stone throw away from the ground ...
  6. Haven't seen any of the games, fair enough.
  7. Err..surely Wilson will play ...
  8. Seems a bit of an over complicated thread Just park up, get on the bus and get off at Ashton Gate 2nd stop ...then walk back after the game ..simple .
  9. Bit of shock to suddenly read this like many have said knew him but didn't know him, sat behind me in the Williams for numerous seasons and always took time if I bumped into him around the country, very knowledgeable. passionate and logical about his club, we always admired how he travelled from London for home midweek matches ...thank you Martin for saying hello its a poorer ground without you.
  10. Agreed fair play to them, I thought Scun were there for the hammering but once Northampton were 3 up so quick ... psychologically that should have been game over ... .the win at Rochdale too... considering where they were in about Oct they deserve it ,,,
  11. Definitely, some of the biggest and most lucrative set of games in world football...needs to be right ...
  12. Agreed 'no way in a relegation battle' poor use of words, could definitely be in one if we lose a few and recruit weakly but could also be a progressive season with the right additions.
  13. Agreed would still get a season ticket, but this would inevitably make me pick and choose more especially during the winter , be nice to have the choice and maybe trial it for a season to see what the impact was both additional income wise and attendance wise.
  14. Agreed that's his biggest match day coming up ...
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