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  1. Never mind under a bus, he will be on a bus. Next stop wandsworth.
  2. You think of the names they have seen come and go at ipswich over the years. Id be thinking who the bleeding hell does he think he is.
  3. Thats him to a tee. He would do a lap of honour if he found a matchball sponsor. Should have kept his head down.
  4. All the players hes signed this summer. Imagine if they do sack him. The great reset over in a few weeks. Who would have ever thought that eh?
  5. Credit where its due, he doesnt carry his light under a bushell, with the media. Hes always been pretty surly with these people. Was watching a podcast yesterday, somebody made the point about wenger. When he first came he was a gentlemen, with the media. I didnt see what happened, he always used to say. That changed, when the gunners started winning nothing. He even tried to fight alan pardew!
  6. One thing is for sure. El tel, hoddle, sven, shagging anything that moves, sam. All sacked for non football reasons. He should bear this in mind.
  7. Well if we dont win the next world cup, dont worry guys. Our under 21s have been coached by adrian boothrooyd. That tells me lump on s to win 2026! All these tactical geniuses. lucky us.
  8. Says a lot about him under pressure. Somebodys put in a decent shift, and hes giving it come on hurry up. Man management skills, zero. Him kane and jack g will open a bottle of champers he goes i suspect.
  9. We were under the cosh. Didnt it make sense to take his time?
  10. Our best players are being stifled. Players like kane being made to look like lumbering lummoxs !
  11. Did we have a shot on target after the first goal? I dont recall one. As for taking trippier off, he scored a world class free kick in russia. But cant be trusted to take a pen from 12 yards! Anyone notice he gave southgate some verbals when he subbed him?
  12. Worst germany side, possibly ive ever seen pete. Watching world cups since 1982. They arent a top side. Also rans.
  13. Hes doing the same thing over and over again. And expecting diffrent results. This wont work against top sides.
  14. Get rid. Hes been found wanting again when it comes to tactical nous. He has learnt nothing from the crotia game. No shots on target after the first goal. Kane living off scraps.
  15. The white and red one we wore vs mansfield at wembley. That was my alltime fave.
  16. Can recall pritchard, being called up by wales. Pretty sure gary marshall made his leauge debut in his place.
  17. Did you know steve jones entered the essex fake tan olympics? He came 3rd. Got the bronze....
  18. How he had refs eating out his hand, shrewd. They never wanted to book him.
  19. Joe jordan in my time easy. We havent signed many players who could put 2000 on the gate. He pushed others on, on the field too.
  20. There was a game the other day, think it was italy vs spain, i might be wrong. One player was rolling around in agony, somebody scored, he got up and ran over celebrating like a madman! The latin nations will do anything to win, and have no shame. As somebody else pointed out the masters.
  21. Italy got some big lumps at the back aint they, thats for sure. Sterling, kane, grealish, these guys know how to dive. Jimmy greaves, said italian defenders, are like a cheap suit. Allover you.
  22. Wish i still had all my bounty hunters. The snippets, in there were gold. We wont see anything like that again.
  23. Supermacs gunners debut, upstaged by, as a paper said, the yokel invasion of london, and mr paul cheesely.
  24. I recall some bad blood, when liverpool signed nick barmby. At one point, i reckon everton maybe had 4 or 5 ex reds in the same team.
  25. Was always a friendly derby game when i was growing up. Used to share each others ends, sit side by side. Went in one pub, on the outskirts of liverpool town center, one bar for blues, one for reds :laugh:. Rafas very thicked skin, hes seen it all before.
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