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  1. Im going to say goodbye to all the good uns here. Trolling a charity. I can honestly say, ive never been so insulted in all my life. Thats low. I wont be back here.
  2. I said i had the wrong player. That was pointed out to me hours ago To suggest i would troll,such a event, im a bit peeved tbh. Wouldnt dream of doing so. Ok tbw, in which context am i trolling?
  3. Didnt even see the teamsheet. But i did see someone point out he was in florida, funny enough. Trolling, dear oh dear. Talk about flying off the handle.
  4. A tyre so much as touches the pavement, in dampier or frobisher, the whole street comes out.
  5. How would i know that? Im afraid its a simple case of mistaken identity. Im sensing some bad vibes here. If i knew that anyway, do you really think id be asking?
  6. How many parking places do the police get for their personal cars in the winterstoke road end car park. Was walking threw about 855, a few weeks ago, and saw a fair few get out.
  7. My ex mrs showed no intrest, whatsoever when we drove past the bescot stadium. Yet she loved driving past the giant. There rumours, the cerneabbasgiant may sign for dorchester town this season. Its hush hush, hes currently attached to a club...
  8. Jesus what a thought above. The cerneabbasgiant is more well endowed, than the uffington white horse!
  9. His run in the side, i think hes been one of our better players. Been given a chance, and taken it. A yes for me.
  10. One of the best books ive read, john mcvicar on the jill dando case. And one of the best city stickers ive ever saw, It wasnt barry gerorge, he was down cheddar gorge!
  11. That was him simon. There was another young un used to go up the chicken, in those days. Joe signed him from rangers i think, but he didnt play.
  12. Rob edwards, and the scottish kid jim mcsomething, used to drink in the chicken, at least 2 nights a week.
  13. His first pint most sundays, was in the supporters club. He was in the liverpool echo, a while ago, doing some work with the everton community team. Yes the crewe game was midweek, i recall using the phonebox down littlesea caravan park, to get the score.
  14. They did, a fresh baked loaf. full of spicy beef, at the white hart pub for the world cup in south africa, I understand, it was a national dish. Was lovely
  15. Five can share a cab, no travelcard, its at least a fiver to go a few stops. Im not doing anything wrong. Do the maths.
  16. I reckon i went on at least 4 diffrent overground routes to brentford. waterloo. twickenham, and reading to wandsworth,
  17. If you havent got a travelcard, for the underground, and theres 4 or 5 of you. Cheaper to get about by cabs, than the underground, depending where you are.
  18. The great liverpool team of the 80s, the masters of the back pass. From 43 minutes on, hansen,and co kept the ball amongst themselves, till the whistle blew. Most teams were happy to see the half out.
  19. I always used to walk to marleybone station, from paddington, and take the overground. That seemed the easy way, think it was the watford train.
  20. Anybody here remeber cripplecock cider. Made in bs3, as far as i know the guy sold it to a devon man about 1990. You see it in the shops down there. And yes it does what it says on the tin. Used to have a picture of a drunk chicken on it.
  21. I saw a ice cream man get surrounded by armed police once. He had was armed with a magnum.
  22. The grounds a good walk from town. But very nice, couple miles easy.
  23. Was it me, or was the only beer on tap in curryhouses, carlsberg for years? Even the clove did it when they first opened about 2006.
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