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  1. Went to swindon, when they were in the prem i think andy mutch? The winger wolves had, was also a international. He was decent too,
  2. Imagine a leauge 1 player scoring on his debut against scotland of all teams, happening today. Bobby Robson, never gave caps away, even in friendlys. Yes, was waddle who got the diving header that day, Thought it was him, cracking goal
  3. Just watched his england goals. The header was against the czechs. The hampden ones worth watching to see jim leightons face.
  4. The bloke he played upfront with, andy mutch, he was some player too.
  5. Saw them, at brudenell social club in leeds in 2015. No joking, they have eggboxes on the wall there. They did the louder than bombs album. Go see them, you wont regret it.
  6. That football golf i wouldnt mind a game off. That seems to be getting big. Anybody play?
  7. Recall my dad buying me a rattle for football. I dont think he liked me, as there was a snake attached.
  8. Dr dre is a qualified doctor he does hip operations
  9. Mcclean had a chance to score against us at twerton, from about 12 yards. Not saying it was miss of the season but the ball ended up by the globe pub!
  10. The verbal exchange between hazard and hoddle well worth a watch in that swindon doc. Hazard makes him look rather foolish Hoddle goes on about a mistake hazard made on the saturday. He says something like you were under pressure in our area, why didnt you put it in the stand? Hazard says, well you passed it to me, why didnt you put it in the stand?
  11. Barcelona, and real madrid are skint. That says it all.
  12. They seem to improve their forwards there. Ivan toneys scoring record, was along on the same lines before he went there. Hes not the only 1 they found.
  13. Swindon had one of the best midfields ive seen here tbf. Hoddle, hazard, think the other two were mcloughlin and paul allen? They gave us a right hiding once i recall.
  14. First time i saw lita play, he either, got 2 or 3 at hereford, in a friendly. We had that giant, ian goodison on trial. i recall.
  15. Got a class hat trick in the first game, i saw him play. Up against a decent defence too.
  16. How about a song dedicated to andys fellow countryman falcoa, the singer not the footballer. Rock me andy deus
  17. Some white socks would have complimented niges jesus creepers.
  18. Andy llewellyn, vs ian ormondroyd.
  19. The give it time philosophy. With what he left here, i admre you optimism. All these signing, and the rather loud entrance. The americans and mr ashton, have invited pressure. How many of the 20 will be good enough for the leauge above, if you cant even beat newport?
  20. No better train ride, than london bridge to millwalls ground. Get micheal palin on that picturesque, journey.
  21. You did hear some cracking one liners on that phone in. He said to a everton fan duncan ferguson is no good sat in the stand, The everton fan said you made a career out of sitting in the stand! Mickey tanner, now he liked a tackle.
  22. I dont know about now, but about 2003, nicky tanner, was doing the same job as geoff twentyman on radio merseyside.
  23. Watched a game at slimbridge once. We had to clear some. i think canadian geeses turds of the pitch. Not saying they were big, but you could have propped up a motorway bridge with them!
  24. No character in the team, no leaders. Some of the players wenger signed, blimey. Even players like henry, and bergkamp were having tough times before they signed for him. I liked watching wenger over the years. He was the perfect gent, when they were winning. In later years, he was shouting, lashing out at other managers, and digging out other teams players.
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