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  1. Hasn’t been a bad Saturday.My rattler is tasting beautiful. Having lovely banter with my gas mate.Well I’m enjoying my txts anyway.
  2. I see shiffer was the sub- I know I watched the game along with other from the Sange in the enclosure and we all went on the Source after. Some lively nights after Sandringham sports fixtures
  3. IMHO he’s a bit like like Josh Brownhill in that he had to drop down a level play games /learn the game ,and go again. Hes playing like he did when he arrived when he was stupidly young, .Hes now more muscular and has such energy and a great work rate.We now need a partner alongside him to we can dominate games in the middle of the park for a change.(when did we last run the midfield consistenty in a run of games) Hopefully nige will take us to the promised land but hnm will definitely play there or at the top level somewhere.
  4. He did a 6/10 for me today and almost scored with a great free kick.I think we should all remember that he hardly played before he came to us from those arrogant yam yams and is probably just getting proper match fit. I trust “cheers nige” if and when he’s appointed who he would like to sign.As he mentioned him last week after the Coventry debacle and played ok today I can see a longer deal for him.
  5. If the spawney ******* stay up can you imagine the wankfest they will have with Sheff Weds fans next season. ” please tell us how much you hate Bristol City please please tell us”
  6. Second half was a lot better but the amount of times I left to go outside and kick a ball about with the kids when they attacked was ridiculous. Im celebrating a 0-0 at home! Well played hnm Thought Christie for them had a great game and the Croatian chap with a name I would never be able to pronounce. ftg and ctid
  7. Get in! Great result- the rattler will be flowing tonight
  8. Awful and embarrassing to all involved especially the players! This has been coming down the line since LJ had his free reign/clubs in the bag /Andy from little Britain “want that one” bollocks. Big summer ahead and I’m hoping that we get a few more points just to make sure.It winds me up especially in these times that some of these players show such little passion and respect for their own profession and ultimately their own career. I’m a big “cheers nige” fan and hoping it’s not a Coppell mark2 soon ctid
  9. Great interview and also seemed glad to embrace the fact that the club aspire to be in the premier league- no pussy footing around- nige i love u cmon on England first though tonight
  10. Blackbird1 I hate those tosses with a passion because they are annoying xxxxx. Look at the kit,look at ground,look at their fans,hollow head,the fake sheik. ,tick tock they r coming for us,the trumpton yrs,their stupid ####kin song. Give me a reason to like the gits cuz I know they don’t like us. My oldest mate (best man) is dopey gas **** .I txt him regularly.At the moment hourly they are that amusing. Im 50 I know I shouldn’t care but that’s football ,it gets in your bones. ftg ,ctid.
  11. RIP tuba Have great memories of you and Ronnie travelling the country on Shem tours.
  12. Totally agree ! A near perfect 90 mins for probably the first time this season as well.KP was superb in fact they all were.Im glad that Kalas didn’t have his usual mom display and didn’t need the usual 5 blokes from shots he takes. log burner on rattler flowing film with family later,happy daze. enjoy your night fellow reds.
  13. I was home and away every game in those days ( in 3 seasons I missed 2 games).I was in the Park End when the ball trickled in. A real Steve Neville moment (Hereford 86) They really had a hoodoo over us for yrs and I watched every awful moment. Great night.Got into the Rising Sun and had a stupid amount of Blacktorn until closing time after the game. ftg ps My best man is a gas head so still can have banter with the dopey gits.Back then was hared pure and simple.
  14. Too right .The last appointment was bizarre and unfortunately for decent Dean ended predictable pretty quick. I think we have a bit too much catching up to do this season (other teams in form) but as long as # nige# is here then next season... Always believe
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