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  1. Judy Dyble, original singer with Fairport Convention, aged 71.
  2. I have a code spare, pm if anyone wants it
  3. Radio Bristol comment from the Mem, Atmosphere?, there isn't one!
  4. Amazing to think we're going to pick up around 2 Tillsons without doing anything, just our cut from the Luke Freeman transfer.
  5. Has gone to Sheffield United for 'club record fee', I presume we have a sell-on clause.
  6. Was standing on the Open End that night, I can still picture Ian McKechnie, the Hull keeper, backpedalling furiously as the ball sailed over his head. It was definitely a night game, late '73.
  7. Has to be Coventry '77 closely followed by Arsenal' 76 and Leeds '74. One of the worst for me was the Wrexham cup replay around' 78,after a comical 4-4 draw at home, we went and got stuffed 3-0, with Wrexham also missing 2 pens.
  8. Cashley Sweeney Drysdale Gow Collier Merrick Tainton Ritchie Mann Cheesley Whitehead. All these years on and those names still roll off so easily, wonderful times.!
  9. Home,Oldham 1965,Portsmouth 1976.Away,Leeds 1974,Arsenal 1976,Coventry 1977.Also Middlesbrough c 1968 sticks in the memory.The 1 coach left Ashton at 4.30 am,[no motorways then],it poured down all the way and we got to 'Boro at around 2pm to find the game was off.Stopped long enough for a drink and a bite to eat and set off home,arriving around midnight.What a way to spend a weekend,going to Middlesbrough for a pint!
  10. Celtic interested, according to Scottish Daily Record
  11. Wonder how long before Steven Gerrard wises up and realises there's more to football than being top dog in the bigotry derby every few weeks or so.
  12. The best bit is Celtics choice of replacement, have to say that they and Neil Lennon deserve each other.
  13. John Atyeo got 5 against Chichester in the FA cup in 1960 in our record 11-0 win.
  14. We signed John Galley from Rotherham, his debut hat trick was at Huddersfield.
  15. Would that be the four horsemen of the apocalypse Slarti, or the four poxmen.... you know the rest!!!
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