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  1. Martin got to be one he has been awful for weeks, with the success we have had out the young lads how Britton so t starting ahead of him is beyond me!!
  2. Untrue as he scored in his only appearance
  3. Louis Britton is the only out and out goal scorer at the club!!
  4. Anyone know if this is pay on the day as can’t seem to find anything online? Cheers
  5. Not suited to championship football as simple as that...
  6. Is he fit enough to start Wednesday? As midfield was piss against derby!!
  7. Uninspiring signing? He’s gained promotion from the league on numerous occasions there is no pleasing some people!! Vyner ain’t a midfielder by the way... Walsh don’t want to be here!!
  8. There manager had his favourite (Burnett) good or bad would always start, so Louis was never given a chance, waste of a loan!!
  9. Louis is back, as apparently is Jennah from Newport but is injured!! (Seems to be injured a awful lot)
  10. Turnt out to be a poor move, Gannon (Stockport manager) loves a striker they got called Burnett, so Louis don’t get any game time.. he would of been better off back here over last couple of weeks, as IMO he would of been a better option than Sam bell on the bench, more of a goalscorer and more experience!! His loan is up middle of January so I expect him back training with the first team!!
  11. Got a feeling pato will be back, would like to see a midfield 3 of Nagy pato Hnm, would play wells and diedhou as a front 2 also... hunt marriappa Moore Kalas Rowe nagy pato Hnm wells diedhou
  12. His lad plays for the academy aswell very good player!!
  13. Evening, just wondering if anyone has received there away kit yet? Ordered it when they came out for my lad and said would arrive by end of September, as that draws near I have had no update, so wondering if anyone has received there’s or even a update? Cheers
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