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  1. New rules. 1 point for a draw and loss on pens, 2 for a win on pens. Makes literally no sense.
  2. When I was growing up, around 16 or 17 the house next to mine was occupied by 3 boys around the same age. 2 were utter ***** but the other one I grew quite close to and we became good mates. Years later he got married, and I met his father in law. Who actually believe it or not supports BOTH City & Rovers. I couldn't believe my ears, and my recall of the situation is rusty and I can't remember his reasoning. But I do remember he told me he had a season ticket for both clubs, and would attend each game individually as long as there wasn't a City game or a Rovers game at the same time, if this happened he would just do one and then another. So a City game when both were on, and then a Rovers game, but if only one club was playing he'd go watch that! I suppose you could also count myself, as I believe I went to a few games at Ashton Gate when I was 4 or 5 with my late City-supporting step dad, but my dad (bless his heart) had had a rough childhood and so didn't know how to bond with me, and so he asked if he could take me to Eastville because the only thing that he thought would help us bond was going to watch Rovers, and so around 6 or so I suppose I did switch sides! My late step dad was a wonderful man, when my dad saw himself unexpectedly out of the job he realised he couldn't fund buying both him and me a season ticket, and so my step dad offered to and paid for them. Yes, you heard that right! A City supporter paid for 2 Rovers supporters to have season tickets, was such a wonderful man! Not someone who switched though no.
  3. Yeah no I 100% agree. Especially with the acting like it was City fans pretending to be us mindset, I can't understand it. This is a genuine question but have there even been any examples ever of the fan of a rival club doing something bad whilst posing as a fan of that rival's club just to make them look bad. It just seems, so redundant. Also regarding Taylor, I understood why he chose the move but for me I never understood the timing. You had Tammy Abraham on fire, I know he would have wanted to be competitive but I think it was blindingly obvious he wasn't going to be a starter for you at that point in time unless you played a two striker system just because of how well Abraham was doing. It would've made much more sense, in my opinion, to have waited until the end of the season, where he would have likely finished as League One top goalscorer, and have been touted as Abraham's replacement rather than signing, Diedhiou? Is that his name? I just think that would have been a scenario that made much more sense. And if the issue was money, if that scenario played out as it had, than he likely would have been paid more than when he was signed as second choice in January
  4. Given the fact we haven't spent a single year in our history in the top flight of English football, I'm genuinely in shock that he believed that haha
  5. It's all thankfully in the past. But seeing someone say such an unkind thing, especially something I've gone through, not really sure how else to put it but, sucked.
  6. I agree. It's much more magnified than say if the same number of fans did it at Manchester United. But for certain clubs I don't think it's the case, like Chelsea for example. Chelsea have a bigger fanbase than Leicester but the 14-18 racial arrests showed (if I'm right from memory) that Leicester had more. Regarding Rovers though I think you're right, but it is still a very small portion of the overall fanbase.
  7. Every fanbase does unfortunately have fans like that though. On Gaschat the other day there was a fan who I believe mocked the fact that a cricket commentator who criticised Rovers (not sure who precisely, as I hadn't heard of him nor do I watch cricket) had I believe gone through periods of depression and contemplation about suicide. I think it's a perfect example of dubious judgement, because he did seem to sincerely regret his comment. But something like that is not only offensive towards the cricket commentator personally, but also to anyone who has gone through (unfortunately like me) who have gone through similar experiences. I wish we could kick all these fans, not only him and the City fans who mocked Junior's death, but also every fan like that of every fanbase, out of football, but it's an impossible task I believe.
  8. Of course, but I do believe we have a reputation for that kind of thing. I'll just give you two examples. Millwall and Chelsea. Chelsea are renowned as a club with racist supporters, this is largely due to a few very prominent events that have "blown up" in a sense, primarily the incident with PSG fans in Paris in 2015, and the much more recent racial abuse of Raheem Sterling. Both were caught on camera so both are famous. But I don't believe the narrative that Chelsea are the club with the most racist fans in the Premier League, because, say, a player might get racially abused by say, a Leicester fan, it's just as bad as what he did, but if it's not caught on camera, no one will talk about it. And since Chelsea have a reputation, newspaper articles know that a racist Chelsea fan headline will get more clicks than if it was say, Newcastle or Watford. So I do think it's really hard to determine how many incidents there are, especially since I was shocked to learn Chelsea (from 2014-18) had nearly the racial abuse arrests that Manchester United had, who aren't regarded as racist a fanbase. The exact same's true for Millwall, I've gone to the Mem and seen Millwall get treated unlike any fanbase I'd ever seen in terms of police, stewards etc. because they have a reputation for violence. A millwall fan being violent will get much more coverage than a Brentford fan. Even if the Brentford fan behaves much worse. Rovers do have a, unfortunate but earned reputation, although not as extreme as either Millwall or Chelsea, for being horse punchers and attacking rival players, but I do believe that because of that anything we do in the future will be escalated, I think is the word. You're probably right though, but I don't believe it'd be as many incidents as you think, and I think other clubs, i.e. those without a reputation, might have more incidents than you think. If you understand what I'm saying.
  9. Whilst I do think there is a possibility, I'd say perhaps 45% at the moment that Rovers will, say, get a new stadium in the next 10 years, perhaps at the fruit market, perhaps elsewhere, I think the 2 year target set by Wael is actually quite laughable. It'll take at least 5-7 if it happens, which I'm not too sure it will. I've always been one to be optimistic rather than pessimistic but there's only a certain amount of times you can believe new stadium rumours before severe scepticism sets in.
  10. I was on this forum a few months ago, Aprilish under the name "Bodin." I'm more the debating type if anything, but I was told this forum wasn't the place to rationally debate City fans because it's intended to irrationally take the piss and nit-pick over everything the Gas does so I left. But if by playing nice you mean am I going to go guns blazing like Gas we go in marching or whatever his name is has, then unfortunately I'm not the sort, I know City are a bigger club than us and have a better set up than we'll ever have. I just came here to ask a question that not only undermines Rovers, but the whole football fan experience. I've seen a lot of criticism for the way some of the Rovers fans acted yesterday, I thought a lot of it was disgusting. I made the personal choice to respect what Taylor accomplished for the club and why he left, even if I still don't understand his logic behind the timing of the move, and so I didn't boo and I clapped him when he clapped us whilst going off the pitch. But I see a lot of generalisation of this forum that the actions of a few idiots on Gaschat, twitter, and at the Mem reflect the ideologies of all our fans. And in fact we've been one of the biggest critics of this as a fanbase. A City fan on Facebook posted regarding Junior Agogo's death "What will his funeral song be? Wake me up before Agogo?" The post received 18 likes I believe. Meanwhile, on this forum a lot of you posted praising Agogo and respecting his death, something which was very sincere. In the same way City fans have a few idiots but the large majority are completely different, the same is true for Rovers. Like I said this isn't even a Rovers or a City issue really, the actions of a few idiots give a false impression of what the majority of the fanbase is like. The too long didn't read version is, the actions of a couple Rovers fans don't reflect the actions and ideologies of the Rovers fanbase as a whole.
  11. Me personally I've never understood the "Lady garden" insult. I like ladies and I have a knack for gardening, so if anything for me it's complimenting Taylor
  12. It most certainly does get better! I’ve decided to grace you all with my presence once again!
  13. A bit, but then I could've asked you last season whether you were annoyed that Cardiff got promoted, and I could say the same thing to Yeovil fans since it looks like they're going down to the conference. I've accepted the fact you're a bigger and better club than us, I'll be happy if Rovers do well subjectively. Because if I went off of City's standards I'd never be happy, ever. It's a better way to approach it.
  14. I listened to it. A 23 year old footballer who's clearly very drunk phones into Belfield's show, a clearly provocative and argumentative interviewer who can't keep his cool (was sacked not too long after this because he refused to do a fan phone-in). But yes that definitely means that 41 year old Darrell Clarke is a knobhead. I have no doubt you were definitely rational, friendly and polite when pissed at the age of 23. Also show me the how them down the road thing.
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