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  1. I'm expecting a big turnout. 1st game since Fulham. Can also see Blackpool bringing a few.
  2. Proper out of season thread this. Love it
  3. Plenty saying they paid between £100 and £200 to stewards to get in at the gates. Add the others that didn't even fancy paying a guy off to get in. If this wasn't at reduced capacity already due to covid, I fear something bad could have happened. I can't believe this wasn't anticipated. It's really not hard to police a modern venue like Wembley. Simply shouldn't be a chance of getting in without a ticket. Next time there will be more chancers on the back of these guys success.
  4. Don't care how we do it, just do it. Big game for Southgate who has done a brilliant job so far. He's said he intends on being hard to beat and this is a lesson from years gone by. So basically the last thing that should happen tonight is a defensive mistake costing us the game. I predict penalty shootout. 1-1 then England, obviously. A high press worked very well against Germany for Hungary, that doesn't really work with Kane. And boo to 5 pm !
  5. I didn't intend or foresee the division and heated comments. I did post drunk (something I'll try not to do again ) I've taken some relevent views on board but I would still sing it personally. I guess I just don't like the banning approach to something that is a bit of a tradition for me (England away and 10 GB's) Each to there own I guess, can get a bit silly on here at times. Topic is locked hence new post!
  6. I personally don't rate him. Is output is poor for the effort he puts in. (At least when I've seen him)
  7. Such a nice guy. Sorry if my post offended you enough to call me an idiot. Smart jibe man, wish I was as cleaver as you !
  8. England fans signing this at Wembley are going to be banned. My view, sod that! Sing it louder than ever. Lest we forget! This is a reminder of a horrible war but why try and erase history. Make sure it never happens again by remembering. For those who say it's political, its not. It's a matter of fact. There were German bombers, the RAF did shoot them down. This isn't a view or opinion.
  9. Scotlands going home, there going home..... As it stands
  10. Greenpeace adding to this over politicised euro's. Perhaps something less dangerous next time guys? Football has to distance itself form politics!
  11. I was at QPR for 'that' goal. He clearly had talent, was just an arse. His best years were in a city shirt. Shame he had to p all over that
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