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  1. Should be a Leeds or Cardiff scout then
  2. Nice to get a point from Stoke or Blackburn, Derby a must win. Hull a must not get beat. At present, I'd take those 4/5 points. We need 21/22 more points to stay up this season.
  3. Another working man's tax, I can't afford a new van. Small business should be exempt, Chelsea tractor should pay double.
  4. If your not going to block the cross, mark the man
  5. Alot to prove tonight, both are young but have had plenty of minutes. The shape has to be very fluid, bakinson height covering JD. Vyner defensive minded to help out tanner. Could work.
  6. Just slapped 10 on a city win. That's how it usually goes with us!
  7. Agree! I recall being on the pitch when Brum sent us down. This at least would make sense
  8. Clear to me we can't just sit back 40 mins left ffs.
  9. It's clearly confidence, were a different side after the goal.
  10. Why do we try play possession football. Always knocking it back to defenders. We lose the ball any way so might as well take the 30/70 to wells
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