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  1. Could anyone help can’t buy tickets online now for tonight’s game. Seems to be a cut off point. Wondering can you still buy tickets at the gate if you will pardon the pun ? Cheers
  2. Swansea had less than 100 tickets left yesterday
  3. Big up the donnys with the Bristol city England flag front row of Denmark’s goal
  4. better luck next time mate
  5. okay very funny Robins TV, tell all the players to take their masks off so we can see who is really playing!
  6. will be announced circa 5pm, in time for his debut on Sounds of the City with Geoff Twentyman, the first of many...
  7. Truly inspirational to the youngsters growing up there
  8. Poland - Dariusz Dziekanowski Canada - Jim Brennan Jersey - Brett Pitman
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