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  1. Every time he got the ball you could hear all of the seats flipping up. He'd always run at his man and try to get a cross/shot off, no other thoughts in his mind. He played with a freedom you don't see anymore.
  2. 3-5-2 works for all the players we have, except for Eliasson. I'd like to see us play 3-5-2 every game with Eliasson being plan B.
  3. Happy birthday for Wednesday Born and Red in 82. How old are you gonna be?
  4. Good episode Stan. On the Grime segment, I don't think it's so Brentish of Johnson to reference Too many man. It's got to be about 10 years old now, so I doubt the current players are listening to it in the changing room. I reckon Johnson used to rave to it when he was a player being the Grime 'ed that he is.
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