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  1. I got shot down by mentioning that our squad wasn't fit enough season on season in the championship! You don't fall off the pace for know reason and certainty don't lose games in winning positions. Ok crap tactics come into play but overall under Johnson we suffered fitness wise.
  2. Nigel Pearson has already made steps to solve this unprofessional side of the club.. when has the club ever got players in for test days? Not just that stop them from going off on a break if there fitness isn't where it should be.. Weimann having a stringent medical before signing a contract.. Players will be put through there paces this pre season the hardest they've had in a long time.. If this is true which doesn't suprise from the results and games we've seen over the last 3 years then it shows what a sh** show Ashton Johnson and past coaching staff have managed the club.. Massive changes are on the way and we will see the benefits of this over the next few seasons.. Nigel Pearson shacking the place up and giving the place a big kick up ass.
  3. Can't see what he's done wrong looks tidy in the middle and winning again not sure why the negative comments
  4. Think his medical answered that question.. The players now will be under more stringent fitness tests diets training etc
  5. I honestly think we will see a fitter Andi weimann this season and he will produce to what we know he can he's high energy but his movement is second to none. Don't think we've seen the best of him yet even under Johnson and Holden.
  6. Exactly what I was saying surely around the edge but not just barriers, Part of the health and safety test when the stadium was past fit for fans to use after it was built.
  7. Think Martin has been working hard as well from what I've seen on Instagram the last couple weeks.
  8. Let's hope it's a while yet and he never gets that chance and hopefully we will be in the prem two steps ahead and them still in league 1
  9. Can't be him he's closer to his marker and far taller
  10. I'm not worried about what Ipswich fans say we are just explaining our concern to them. If they want to slag us off for the amount of history we have or should feel lucky to be in the championship that's up to them this about how Bristol city has been left, This is about us Bristol city fans being absolutely B******** to in the last 5 years we are not laughing at them but the fact I'm/we are laughing at Ashton for totally repeating how hes failed at our football club.. !!! If they think he's god's gift then that's up to them.. But hes not not welcome back anytime soon !!!
  11. They've fallen into that trap already thinking he's the bee's knees,Ok you can look at the positions we've finished over the last few years and it all looks lovely and Rosey on the outside but have they looked at the amount of players we've signed, The quality of football, The clubs communication with fans etc etc etc the list goes on.. Think they've got a wake up call in coming!! Ps Ipswich fans we don't have a devine right to be anywhere and if that's what you think we take it you obviously don't know alot!!!
  12. Not involved with player recruitment Honestly can't help himself can he.
  13. Another thing Ashton said he tracks managers?Does he? Could of called me ,I would be very worried if I was Paul cook as Mr Ashton is only 5 mins away and don't think he will be getting much breathing space. I won't miss it either and we slowly get our club back.
  14. Absolute waffle!! He's now a builder by the way but more striking is that interview is everything he said at city.. A man that likes control not sorry to see you leave Mr Ashton.
  15. It was a division 3 game finished 1-1 Think the cup games where played in the December looking back we played Aldershot 3 times in that one month. Going to look back at my programs from that season.
  16. First game home to Aldershot 25th October 1988 in the east end The old age of ten 33 years of supporting city.
  17. Brilliant Really enjoyed this interview great insight from Keith and obviously gaining alot of experience and refreshing his coaching cv recently. Still loves Bristol and the club.
  18. Ask Nicky he might want it
  19. The thing is nige is hitting the right areas he knows what's needed.Agreed long overdue.
  20. Brilliant appointment at last someone with great experience and now look forward to a fitter squad.
  21. Hes at high altitude now Maybe the trip north has not helped his verbal diarrhoea, Can't honestly believe we put up with 4 years of it.
  22. How positive is this,Each player deserves it and each player providing different qualities.
  23. That defence was awful and can remember Liam Fontaine absolute shocking displays.. Overall we had plently going forward.
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