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  1. When LJ was appointed down hill from there ....
  2. We need to stop crosses into the box surely this comes down to coaching
  3. Signs of a good striker finish off when needed
  4. Doesn't matter if he's no good or not he's got valuable experience and like tonight he represents us as a player.
  5. And Fulham at home coming up after QPR. The Fulham game is going to be interesting especially at home.
  6. Can't believe it wasn't sorted in stadium redevelopment who builds a bigger ground and doesn't spend money on a PA system buy cheap expect top results not going to happen.. I bet it sounds first class especially with never walk alone but most stadiums do.
  7. When the ground was designed for redevelopment was the acoustics (PA and fans) taken into account? Design of the roof materials etc?(All stands) I agree the dolman is a real issue but I'm not sure I agree when you say the sides I think you will find it's more to do with sound travel from the front of the roof to back. When the stand is full it traps and becomes muffled when the stand is near enough empty you can hear it far clearer ( South stand the same). That's the simple way of putting it, Also add to that seated at the front of the dolman and south stand far more clarity seated middle to top less so or nothing at all. Does the system get tested on matchdays? And who advised you( Bristol sport) that the system of Ashton gate stadium is the perfect system for Ashton gates design?
  8. Absolutely just feels now we have a real man in charge this club has waited for long while for this.. Some good questions as well.
  9. Some great answers from nige it's so refreshing first class.
  10. If you need a email from me to MK or RG I'm more than willing to give my views.. I know it's all down to cost but I'm not sure why this wasnt looked into with more detail when the stadium was redeveloped especially the dolman.
  11. It will cost alot and yes it will need a entire new system but I also believe the flat roof design of the dolman causes problems with sound.Yes they've basically just added on to previous system,They also added a new control unit a while back which makes no difference at all.
  12. The PA system is part of the atmosphere so yes Mark Kelly is part of that..It's a massive part of the matchday experience what's the point having a bloke pitch side speaking down a mic and also showing on big screen(With sound delay by the way) and nobody else being able to hear sod all.Mark Kelly is very much part of that it's his position to provide a matchday experience for everyone and currently its not.
  13. I think you will find Mark Kelly is the comical one,The atmosphere at Ashton gate is shocking and the excuses you get come back are even more comical..
  14. It would be nice to know when the system is tested When its empty or when its full.. Because that makes a big difference. Maybe a question you could ask on your next communication with RG.
  15. I thought something was given out but I couldn't make out what It was or if it was even for that. I wasn't sure if was announced or not couldnt hear a bloody thing. You would of thought he would of knew we didn't play that game at the gate
  16. It's needs more than a microphone upgrade and a adjustment of volume that isn't the issue if they think that they are fools ..The stadium could be the issue In the way sound travels(Bad acoustic design) Could be the materials used in the structure of the stands or could be the entire system set up and just isn't good enough but it needs seriously looking at.
  17. https://illuminated-integration.com/blog/tips-improving-stadium-acoustics/ This will give you some insight on how sound works..I've said In previous posts it's about acoustics and pressure or how sound travels.Im not sure the redevelopment has helped this but if you go by the way the dolman is designed then I think they have some thinking to do. I personally think the dolman has a problem when fans fill the stand when its near enough empty the sound can travel when the stand fills up it becomes muffled.Yes bad quality equipment doesn't help either. So In all I think they have far bit of money to spend to get it right,Or they are waiting for the atyeo to be developed to move this forward.
  18. Not just that I didn't here anything about a minutes silence either sat in the dolman until my boy told what it was for.. Going by the reaction of the crowd they didnt here the tannoy either so what bloody chance have we in a emergency?.. The entire system is S***.
  19. Thanks for that gives me some idea where the club needs to be regarding cat1 looking at the palace academy..It does look classy I also like the statement at the end. Season Ticket holders for the 2019/20 season are being offered incredible benefits in return for transferring their refund towards further enhancing the Academy project by becoming Academy Founder Members, including an invitation to attend a first-team training session with a friend. For more information, click the banner below.
  20. I'm having that problem but my dance kicks in at 4.41 So do I have a issue with my jab two minutes late ...
  21. Anyone got any ideas if we are pushing towards cat 1 or what the process is to get it?
  22. I also like the fact that Pearson hasn't sent all the younger players out on loan apart from a couple,It makes absolute sense for them to train with senior pros and stay in Bristol day in day out,It's going to take time but we will see the fruits of some good talent in the first team. Exciting to see and hopefully Benarous and others continue to improve.
  23. Respect for that one to be fair that is a class thing to do.
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