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  1. Delighted to see them go up, very much deserved
  2. Can’t see him getting a Championship job and honestly hope he doesn’t, for his sake. We were totally outplayed near enough every game and he’s not at this level as it stands. However, I really do wish him all the best and hope he can progress from league one/league two to do a job at a decent level.
  3. I’d add Nagy to that list. He hasn’t been great recently but for much of the season he’s been one of our better performers and has covered so much ground.
  4. Really pleased for him and really wish him all the best. He did a good job for us, he’s stabilised us and achieved steady progression which has allowed us to become an established championship club. He managed this whilst selling our best players, it’s a great achievement which he probably doesn’t get enough credit for. In the end, he took us as far as he could. I’ll always remember him as a manager that did a decent job and gave us that unforgettable cup run. He ultimately left us in a much stronger position than when he joined.
  5. Win rate is not the best stat, points per game would give a stronger indication of the level of success achieved. Though it was the level of performance that cost Deano his job, we weren’t just losing, there was no sign of anything positive which was the main concern. Particularly when he said from the start that he wanted to play attacking and exciting football, this didn’t happen. I had lost faith that Deano could turn it around because we were playing poor and Deano had no past record to demonstrate his capability to turn it around. Whereas, with NP, the performances have been much stronger than they were with Deano and his proven track record demonstrates his ability and shows that he can be trusted to get things right. Deano was unlucky, with the injuries suffered but an objective of play offs was always an expectation and the manner in which he was appointed was wrong. After a long and thorough recruitment process which led to the appointment of the assistant manager, fans were always going to turn quickly and easily when things went wrong. I actually think that Deano could do a management job somewhere, certainly those stats show that Deano can pick up victories. I hope to see him be given an opportunity elsewhere at a level which suits him with his current level of experience as the manager/head coach, he’s not currently ready for the championship coming up against some of the best managers in the country. There’s no shame in that. I hope to see him appointed at a league one/league two club, wish him all the best.
  6. Great to see the support for Bents on here. Gutting that it’s happened but he’s won us so many points this season. Disappointing that the ref didn’t stop play but play to the whistle. Very good performance so far, we are taking the game to one of the best teams in this league. Massive improvement when you consider that we’ve been second best in almost every game this season. Really enjoying the game and feeling like we’re competing, puts into perspective how far we’ve came recently.
  7. Fammyfan

    Robins tv

    Mine seems to be buffering every 2/3 mins
  8. Fammyfan

    Andi Weimann

    I really liked having him in that midfield role. With his workrate and making the runs he’s capable of. We’ve really missed him.
  9. We had a £25m loss which will drop off next season. My understanding is that we currently have: 17/18 (announced 2019) - loss of £25m 18/19 (announced 2020) - profit of £10m 19/20 (announced 2021) - loss of £10m Whilst there will be a further loss when the 20/21 report is announced, it may be relaxed to some extent due to COVID. Have no idea how this will be done though, only clubs that have made large transfer sells or potentially parachute payments could avoid FFP punishments.
  10. Bentley and Diedhiou will certainly be on the radar of other clubs. Potentially Nagy who is class when played correctly. With incomings, it will most likely depend what is happening with FFP with COVID considered. As our heavy loss announced in 2018 has now dropped off, there could be room for investment. It’s certainly a very good time to spend if so, the quality of players available for free will be higher than normal due to clubs struggles to meet wage demands. The financial struggles of other clubs combined with the quality available on free transfers will ultimately drive down the price of everyone.
  11. Pearson literally was on the verge of saving a doomed looking Watford team last season, turning them around from 7 points adrift to being stupidly sacked 2 matches before the end of the season and 3 points clear of safety. He should be managing in the premier league. Absolutely over the moon with this appointment and we are incredibly lucky to have him, I really hope the club provides full support as Pearson is the caliber of manager to get us to the next level.
  12. I thought his most successful period there was alongside Hugill, I may be wrong though. Another formation which works for him can only be a good thing.
  13. Wells still has the potential to be a very good striker for us but we’ll need play 2 up front in order to get the best out of him. I don’t think we have strong enough midfielders to allow this to happen but if we bring the right manager in and make the right signings, this will allow a formation change to get the best out of him. If we intend to play a different formation, we should certainly look to move him on.
  14. I think Nagy is one of our best players but needs the right partner. Very good addition but not the like for like replacement we required when we sold Pack, who I feel we really miss. Weimann has been massively missed this season. How we could do with him right now, he would be a massive upgrade both in midfield and up front.
  15. Close down the forwards and midfield. The defence too but not as much, we need to try and keep our shape so all the pressing of the defence will need to be done by Diedhiou. Play out from the defence, with a 5 man midfield, we should always beat them for numbers and always have a player available.
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