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  1. Has anyone seen a game at Bilboa travelling from UK, any useful tips
  2. Pearsons post match comments suggest to me he is unable to control or affect the performance on the pitch. Still require probably 4 to 6 points. Without regeneration of this squad for next year it's only going one way, with or without a possible points deduction. Pearson may not fancy another season like this, or the club if they can afford it may look elsewhere.
  3. Watching big match revisited today which showed peter spiring playing for Luton Town, I remember him going to Liverpool at the time and thinking they must have saw a player in the making and could develop him in the liverpool way. In my head I thought he just stayed in their reserves until I googled him to see he never made a full appearance for them and was sold to luton and ended up at Hereford. Anyone in the know, what happened to his career ie injury etc.
  4. Skybet have us 9/2 for relegation and Millwall at 11/2. We are 5th favourites for the drop. Bookies rarely get it wrong.
  5. Wait until Walsh signs for Ipswich, then serious questions need to be asked.
  6. Let's hope this does not manifest itself into next saturday coz their clubs have had poor seasons.
  7. Got to win at home sometime, done us Villa A.Madrid in a win treble.
  8. Fortunately rotherham will hopefully keep us up. This has been developing over 3 years, the whole playing squad needs a complete overhaul and the recruitment needs to be so much better.
  9. Dont really follow the horses that much but have been given Metier and Honeysuckle by someone in the industry. Think both run on Tuesday.
  10. There has been huge cock ups over the creative midfield role, palmer pato smodicz walsh and the only one scoring goals is smodicz. No doubt posh will sell him for about 10 mil in 12 months time. Unfortunately no one will tell you the decision makers but it's been a total clusterfuvk
  11. He actually said play with the shackles off, not that they were ever on in the first place. That suggests they were on and he backtracked on his comment so not to be heard as dissing Holden. I probably expect more of the same today.
  12. When he says we were out muscled or not strong enough or lost concentration it is clearly obvious they dont want him as manager and have stopped playing for him. He clearly tells them what they need to do and they cant be bothered to make the effort knowing he will be gone very soon. McCarthy at cardiff is a classic case, stopped playing for Harris and now 5 unbeaten and upto 7th.
  13. When Johnson's job was on the line I wonder how helpful Holden was when he thought he might get a sniff of the managers job. I thought it strange that he stayed at the club. Likewise simpson seems to have more media coverage and hes been around football long enough to know that he has a chance of becoming manager if things continue, so how helpful is he being? Is he really giving Holden all his ideas? If Holden never teams up with johnson again then you know they have had a fall out.
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