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  1. Motorpoint arena in cardiff is quite frankly, shite. New one is nowhere near. Bristol will have two decent arenas long before cardiff ever does.
  2. If you at all understood the situation of papers working under Reach, you’d have a little more patient with these journalists. I’d presume you’ve not bought a Bristol Post for how long.
  3. Interview with the MailOnline, I believe.
  4. Because that never happens in news media. Nope.
  5. Didn’t realise he was so young. Just turned 18. Boy has a big future.
  6. Hopefully Benarous really kicks on this season. Had been talked very highly of before, and was in an England youth group squad, but seems to have slowed a little.
  7. Came off pretty much bang on 60’. Was definitely in conversation with medical team, but that’s expected having just come back from injury, yes? Was involved right up to when he was subbed.
  8. Oh God. That was the first loss this season, after winning the league last season. Kelly was sold for 13 million.
  9. So Coke has almost a foot on Dasilva, or is this just failing to grasp what an inch actually is? A lot of men struggle with this
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