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  1. Not an amazing chant or anything, but singing 'He's one of our own' at Derby away, with Keogh was my favourite chant memory. Watching the Derby fans squirm on their seats, and go quiet was great. To make things worse for them, Keogh had an absolute shocker.
  2. QPR seem the biggest threat to this deal NOT happening. They have already got to know the player as well, might just swing it for them.
  3. Ever heard of an exaggeration? Of course, I don't think we are better than a Championship professional. Either you are gullible, and take every word on here seriously, or very petty and defensive. Fair enough, but when the 30-year old can put in a solid shift, to release him, not so sure. Would have been a decent deputy at RB. Yes, but for a player on loan, you're not looking for someone who is 'good for their age' rather a 'good player'. Don't really see how it is? Voicing my opinion. Explain please.
  4. Are you telling me that you would pay £6m for Pereira (with his option to buy) based on this seasons' performances?
  5. Then he goes and secures a deal for Pereira, who has about as much ability to play RB as half the people on here.
  6. Cough cough cough Mourhinio Cough!
  7. Milner is (thought you meant MCFC)
  8. https://robinview.home.blog/2019/10/19/miserable-performance-ends-unbeaten-run-and-post-break-injuries/
  9. if you have to go in to this much detail. YES, I THINK IT IS TIGHT.
  10. wasn't bought for him to play 46 games a season. Dasilva to come back.
  11. Football was created for enjoyment. Fans don't enjoy this
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