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  1. aint working in canada. even payed the 10 quid, still nothing.
  2. anyone else not in the uk getting a message that the games not available? wtf
  3. Ban him for life? Why ffs. Streakers and pitch invaders are a British institution. 1 a game I say
  4. pring was ok at left back until dasilva came on, his game went to shit, on 3 occasions we were passing the ball until it got too pring, the move ended with pring holding onto the ball instead of laying it off and eventually losing it in the tackle, AND HE GOT ******* 8, NONSENSE.
  5. Think he's just counting the cost of last 2 seasons tbh
  6. Top bloke, will miss is rants on match days, proper fan and a good laugh.
  7. i downloaded nord and the game just came on, no charge it seems.
  8. is it live tomorow? I can only see radio available on Robin's tv
  9. villa away a few years back. parked up, walked the wrong way to the ground, front of me got soaked, walked the right way and got the back soaked. lost 2-0 we hit the post 3 times. lost the car after the game, found it after 1.5 hrs. motorway shut, 4.5 hrs instead of the usual 1hr. Hell night
  10. I knew they would **** something up. Audio is available for televised games for international subscribers. Not now for some odd reason.
  11. i dont think hes unhappy here, i dont think its his mindset. i think hes doing what nakki wells does, hes a poacher, never really impresses over a whole game but will take a chance when it comes. i do think today he was very poor and his only real contribution was poor passing and giving the ball away. however if the chance that afobe had in injury time i think wells would have taken it. id rather see fammy and 1 other anyway.
  12. seems they have turned off the tv for international viewers, that is the norm for live games, however audio always worked before but not today. sort it out city.
  13. I suspect there will be games from the mid to late 80s when citys attendance was around the 8,000 mark, with a pretty big percentage of those happy to have a row,.
  14. so, I see people slagging off this book, if you don't like the book or its subject matter don't read it, its a free country, which means Paul can write whatever the **** he wants. after reading some of the responses to this and the post about the kid celebrating a goal with the players and actually WANTING HIM BANNED, I wonder what has happened to people who go to the game, sick of this holier than thou super sanitized crap, its football, we can get a little over excited occasionally, ffs.
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