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    I dont really see much benefit in this thread, the good news is that we are 10 points above the 3rd relegation spot, giving someone grief cause their view is different to yours is quite petty
  2. Someone i used to know was at cranfield military hospital,,,, one of the less popular recruits ended up having a live hand grenade inserted in him,,, with the pin still in obviously,,,, though there was some hesitation about how to get it out with dislodging the pin.
  3. Just read that brentford have introduced this,,, i remember as a kid this was always the case,,, our old hirerite kits seemed the same for ever?! seems like this is a really good idea, and if people know the kits will stay for 2 years they might be more inclined to buy one? Other environmental factors were noted, but this is a fairly murky area in terms of milking parents every summer if you ask me?
  4. Harry obviously has a lot of knowledge on this area, but we have obviously recruited cundy tanner and atkinson from lower leagues, pring was from cheltenham I think and has now made the squad for most of this season, and we all know scott came over from geurnsey, and bakinson came from luton with hinds,so these are all transfers from lower leagues for young players.
  5. quite interesting that! I guess an accurate measure of pearsons performance is to list the championship in terms of wage bill,,, a club 10th on the list for example ought to be performing roughly at that level. I suppose it can then vary depending on possession stats, fan satisfaction etc, but by most metrics, we are generally performing poorly i would guess, perhaps apart from minutes played by young players?!
  6. Yep, waste of a wage, we need some spirit amongst the squad, but surely someone who can contribute can do this?
  7. You get the feeling that none of them really relish a snowy sunday in sheffield,,,
  8. That was the most bristol city thing ever…. and its a goal
  9. Yes,,, for us to select that young midfield is a big worry,, you have to say that the signing of williams has been snake bitten from day 1,, he just cant stay fit, and cost a lot of money.
  10. Yes, 2 ok games and contract negotiations are due to start,,, must be a coincidence!
  11. Yep, hes just completed his a level in shithousery and passed with an A, now hes studying for a masters degree in the subject, and is expected to be regarded as one of the worlds leading experts in the years to come!
  12. To be fair tom, if you went for a wander around the wedgewood estate, or around trentham gardens you might find they are more pleasing than the a50.
  13. Im more worried about the injury time issue
  14. Im relying on Peterborough being one of the teams worse than us this season, along with derby plus 1 other, so thats good news!
  15. I watched the htc7 documentary About hull on youtube yesterday,,, how they have any points at all is a minor miracle
  16. My other half is lightwood, bit closer to tesco than mier. Well i suspect the 15 year old will get to see a few goals for his team later!
  17. My mrs is a stokie, not far from longton tesco, and i split my time between there and bristol…. Im dreading this game,,, i just cant see anyway we will win, which gives her plenty of opportunity for giving me grief!
  18. Im thinking joe joedan might figure in this for some of us? as an aside, im sure i saw recently, that stanley matthews, peter shilton and buffons careers all over lap at some point, and thats probably 80 years or so.
  19. Yes, he reminds me of thomas muller in style, incredible work rate that leads to goals, but not the goal threat of an outright goal scorer…. Lewandowski in mullers case, god knows who in our case.
  20. Regardless of what happened here, you do get the impression hes a straight up kinda guy, who it would be interesting to chat to
  21. No, he doesnt, dont know if its his shins that have taken a yard of pace off him, but like palmer, if we could get his wages off the books at this point, that wouldnt be a bad outcome in my view
  22. Lots if people complain about a lack of quality, but to me thats a standard average midtable championship side on paper?
  23. We can barely keep possession as it is, relying on chris martin to chase down and win long balls whacked up to him isn’t conducive to keeping the ball in the opponent’s half. Without joe williams theres very little fight in midfield which means theres little to stop the ball coming back again when we lose it seeing as he hasnt been fit in 18 months in short, we are shite, you can blame: pearson/previous managers/ ashton/ lansdown/ the players/ or a combination of all of these.
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