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  1. You would treat people like an idiot if you decide an otherwise decent person decides they irritate you?
  2. Simpson and king arent likely go be automatic starters in my view, atkinson looks decent but has never played at this level, james looked very good against villa. Will that be enough to make the difference over 46 games relying on wells and martin? I hope so, but it seems unlikely, 15-18th place is my prediction
  3. Yes, scary, in those days there was the plain brick drop down to pitch level, probably at least 30 foot, with people teetering over the drop against the waist height railings.
  4. Yes, i can still see that from the east end, thought i was going to see portsmouth fans fall backwards over the side of dolman
  5. Yep, that was my first thought of opening game memories too. to be fair, they are in their 50s now, but id still take them over martin and wells
  6. My thought was that fam was our top striker, whether wells scored 1 more last season i dont think he is close to being as effective as fam overall, and im sure not many will consider the signing of wells to have been a success at this point, especially given the fee/ wages and resell value. Id love to see wells get 20 this season but that seems very optimistic to me? I just cant see where the goals will come from unfortunately
  7. In my view, fam had more if an impact than martin and wells and was our best striker, certainly before he downed tools from january onwards anyway. certainly for some of the players like rowe and hunt we released the weak links, but a lot of this was down to reducing the wage bill too. I dont know if weve recruited better quality, james looked good against villa, hopefully atkinson adapts quickly to the championship, but will king play more and get more goals than pato, and is simpson better than hunt? 1.5 for atkinson is a lot of money in this market, could we have used that for a striker?
  8. To be fair, our top striker left for free and hasnt been replaced, and our results in the second half of last season resulted in a miracle that we werent relegated then, so while the journalists might be lazy, you can see why they might think we are rubbish
  9. Yep, similar background from similar era, twentyman is a decent bloke too which helps.
  10. I think we can write off goals for cod and massengo, weimann ought to be good for 10, james might get 5, as might palmer. King and bakinson im not sure will get much time but 5 between them might happen? With 5 each from martin and semenyo, i reckon if wells gets 40 we might do ok?
  11. We are so punchless going forward, no dynamic, no pace, no excitement. Unless semenyo comes in and gets 15, or conway and scott hit the ground running i dont see us getting many goals next season
  12. If he is a success for us then he will obviously be sold
  13. Think nagy is very similar to james in the way he plays,,,, but not as good. Dont know how nige sees it, but if you are going to play with 2 in the middle then either massengo or williams who will cover a lot of ground may be the preferred choice?
  14. Really liked the run back and challenge, but was looking for the easy pass to me? Still, at that age, against that standard of opposition, the kid looks very good on the ball
  15. Yep! James looks really good, atkinson looks composed too
  16. Great to be back home! Serious lack of dynamism though, pretty much zero attacking threat so far. Tap in from left wing cross
  17. We will have to wait and see, but pearson could really do with some early wins to shake off last seasons results. id really like to see a quality striker come in, i dont think wells and martin are up to it, but who that may be, if anyone, ive no idea at this point??
  18. If its publicised who he is before the game at ag, he could be in for a big reception!
  19. Amen!! We still get excited trying to predict the start of the season, but if the euros and last season taught us anything, is that where england and bristol city are concerned, if theres a way to balls it up, we will find it
  20. Hmm, well the number of games williams has played he can be excusedfor being out of step, but we cant be going into league games with that not being razor sharp.
  21. Just listened to the joe williams interview, great to have him back, but hes clearly suggesting theres some confusion regarding the press, and whether we are all in, or going in 1s and 2s. Is this not something that should have been implemented back when pearson came in?
  22. Yes; 20man should stay reporting bristol sport, but if anyone else does it then they are low down the sporting journalism totem pole.
  23. so twentyman shouldnt have to move but gregor is a local hack who is low down the list of sports journalists because hes in bristol? Perhaps he is happy with his job as well?
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