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  1. I tend to agree, would be happy to be proved wrong though!
  2. Hes had a good career, but last year was a let down for him and us. I think it would be unwise to count on king for much more than about 5 appearances, and we all know williams and james have had their issues too. If/ when massengo goes we are going to be struggling for numbers a bit.
  3. That rb is shocking, and devines set pieces were pretty bad too as others have mentioned
  4. I wonder what the cost of this trip is to the club, and whether its worth the expense?! Hopefully it sets us up nicely for the new season!
  5. Its the hope that kills us, but we finished 17th last season and brought in 3 players, only 1 of which has played in the championship before. We have no money and are looking for free transfers from lower leagues,, i cant really see how there will be much improvement in the new season…. Would love to be proved wrong though!
  6. I suspect lee johnson went too far the other way with stats, and didnt have the man management part of the game to back up his love of stats and analysis, but these days, with the level of wages, and social media etc etc, its easy to see why pro clubs use any means necessary to help identify players etc etc…. How we have got it so badly wrong with most of our signings over the last few years i dont know, but i guess we have had people in positions who decide on our signings who have just been pathetic at their jobs!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about these 3? Obviously not in the managers plans for this season and need to be moved on!?
  8. Its not hard to predict why we might struggle,the financial position is awful, we have 3 young good players who are all at risk of being sold and we start the season with semenyo injured. 2 of Our new signings have never played in this league as well. while cod and palmer have gone, this is really the last year of the mark ashton contracts, ideally we will be in the championship next season but with all the big wages off the books and a big sale in the bag to let us reset having learned some lessons about rediculous contracts.
  9. Young dane scarlett looks like he knows where the goal is, tammy the second?? Might he fancy a loan here while semenyo is out??
  10. Ooh, nearly a goal for scott!
  11. Nicky hunt was terrible but didnt cost 4 million or so and a gigantic salary! How lansdown as owner didnt ask for some kind of report to explain why this signing was necessary when we had a whole squad full of attacking midfielders at the time is negligent, and this is one of the reasons why we are looking at a points deduction now
  12. There may be less talented players who we have signed over the years, but this has got to be the worst signing we have made for the impact he made
  13. Agreed, hes been on our bench hasnt he? Still, if that young french keeper comes in then it will be all change.
  14. Yes, loads of egos who arent happy at all that a wolverhampton crowd let them know what they thought.
  15. Its the end of a long season for every player in the european leagues isnt it?
  16. Bellingham i mean but the point still stands! Hes directly against adam nagy and you couldnt tell which one is the 100 million super midfielder.
  17. Phillips and rice against hungary are about as likely to score as i am. Mount and saka have huge reputations but i cant remember either having a good game for england. Kane is a world class striker and Sterling is very good, but defence and midfield are so over rated, and a manager who doesnt want to take the reins off and actually attack.
  18. Im sure a lot of clubs would take him, thinking they will be the ones who finally get a tune out if palmer, will have to wait and see happens i guess,,, i dont hold much ill will towards cov or palmer
  19. Im sure at that time we had nearly a whole team who could play in that sort of position, odowda, watkins, elliasson weimann, szmodics and then palmer and im probably missing a few
  20. Is this your understanding of the nagy to pisa transfer dave?
  21. This is broadly what happened with nagy as far as i know, mutually agreeing to tear up a contract to allow both parties to move on.
  22. Yep that was pathetic, millionaires my arse.
  23. This is really poor, we have in theory got some of the best players in the world, bellingham isnt comparing well to adam nagy!
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