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  1. Steady mate ... People have been called gas for less :laugh: ... Credit to any Bolton fan turning up to watch what's effectively a youth team playing league football .... Totally unprecedented stuff ...
  2. Mate your as paranoid as them lot ... Just because I think the stuff that happened to the gates of the RUGBY ground was wrong makes me gas ...sorry I'm just a little too old for some of this she ...ite ... I'd just rather ignore the irrelevant side of Bristol whilst sniggering in the right way rather than leave us open to hypocrisy ..every club has some right numpties ..EVERY club! ... If that upsets u so be it ...but please don't tanish me with "that" brush ..actually READ my posts ... I'm able to talk football without being paranoid
  3. Every club has them ffs ... Our own knobheads desecrated the mem gates twice ... I'm realising im too old for this shite "banter" age it's turning into how high can u piss contest .. They are shite ,we aren't we should just ignore the ***** ... I'm sure I'll get grief but shite like this doesn't help us ... Leave them to talk shite
  4. Very decent player on his day , no age at all RIP
  5. its going to come down to how well the new signings settle ... young players in a new country could struggle and Afobe really is a hit or miss chance ... if they settle and it goes well its minimum play offs .... if they dont it could be a struggle
  6. Interesting to hear the bloke from fruit market changed his tune on Radio Bristol this morning , talking more on how it will take more than 2 years to find a new site for fruit market ...seems to be some legs in this but whatever happens it will end in disaster.... Might wind the next in on the it's BS for now to save grief & just go back to taking the piss when it all eventually goes wrong
  7. Derby Preston West Brom QPR Millwall Reading
  8. Devon white did actually play in the prem/division 1 surprisingly good record of goals per game played 9 goals in 16 starts and 9 sub apps , think only him steve yates , nigel martyn, marcus browning, penrice and hollowhead ever played top level
  9. i'm just merely pointing out that i have seen an application from yourself to the court for a FBO on conviction , this was sent before any court case had even started and included all the banning areas and times ect so to me that suggests that it is indeed the police football liaison officer that applies for the FBO not the court as was suggested by yourself. You have a job to do i understand that, i just don't agree with the way things are done and even more so the way you suggest that it is little to do with you and more the court. The be all and end all is that if as a fan you av
  10. You apply to the court for them without you're application they aren't discussed .. you advise them to issue a FBO ...the conditions are requested before any court hearing .... The maps,details ect all arranged BEFORE any conviction
  11. sorry officer i didn't realise there was a quota on what you can or cannot discuss fwiw i have been a member before but forgot all my details and posted previously on many things however football supporters and the law affecting them is a passion/ bug bare of mine especially when supporters are banned from doing something they love because of a one off mistake .
  12. its you that applies for them .... the more you apply for the more maybe granted .... so are you saying you dont put forward a projected number of banning orders? are you also suggesting that this from the article about increases in applications for banning orders is not true "Those monitoring the spiraling use of such orders say financial incentives may be behind it. Police, under increasing budgetary pressures, get increased funding from the Home Office for applying for the orders. Criminal convictions do not bring them financial benefits. ?
  13. This!!! Exactly ..A barrister told me recently how Julie & Co made some very bold forecast on how many banning orders they would get (they gain a bigger budget based on number of banning orders ... The world cup being in Russia with little trouble and relatively trouble free season in local football (city & Rovers) meant the figures are well short hence Swansea game ,Millwall, rovers v Plymouth & a few other Rovers games have seen charges for very little .. desperately needed banning orders are an issue so don't trust JH and co at all ... She's on here to self serve (it's her job t
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