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  1. Fair enough, thinking about it I think it was Toshack who knocked us out of the cup in '74
  2. Is Herbie Gillam still around?
  3. Don't think Highway was there then, it might of been quarter final of cup in '74 you' re thinking about?
  4. Donnie Gillies and Gerry Sweeney were great and always took time out to chat with the young 'uns
  5. Sat in a pub garden in East Street today and there was a goon sat next to me in his shorts with a brfc tattoo on his leg with 'better dead than red' written underneath, talk about obsessed
  6. Just proves the importance of having a foreign manager, you wouldn't believe it was the same players that Lampard had at his disposal, if only.........
  7. His woeful performance at Reading this season was the final straw for me, 1 decent game in 6 is just not good enough
  8. Bet 365 pay out if a team go ahead by 2 goals
  9. Exactly this, I said at the beginning of this season that I would take 21st position considering the squad we have, hopefully a new manager wirh his players and better times ahead next year, we are unbelievably fortunate not to be playing 3rd division football next year
  10. We were considered posh in KW because we had Corona delivered while the plebs had Alpine
  11. What a man Neville is "Spurs and Arsenal are a joke to watch, I'd rather watch the champions of San Marino, how have these two managed to wangle their way in"
  12. Would love to see all of them have the guts to walk away, I doubt it though
  13. Fair play to him, deserves nothing but respect
  14. What a man Gary Neville is
  15. Fair play to the French and Germans.
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