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  1. And of course in the current reality there will need to be a re-alignment of financial expectations from all involved in football. I don't hold out much expectation of this happening by the end of the summer transfer window, but it will happen in January as some clubs need to offload salary costs and get some transfers out completed. The same restrictions will also apply to managers and coaches. Maybe the cunning plan Baldrick is to keep things simple this year and be able to take advantage next year.
  2. FC of United of Manchester have around 2000 co-owners - the number has fallen significantly from the peak. The owners costs of being in National League North are probably around £500,000 a year. If they get promoted I wonder how many co-owners will disappear when faced with a bill for £2,500 each? Owning a football club is an expensive business at all levels
  3. I agree that the PL need to get on side. But I see it as a 'no-loss' position for them, it actually helps to stop any outsiders getting in. uphold the integrity of the PL. The problem with 'projected accounts' is that they are always more open to abuse.
  4. The case was taken to the INDEPENDENT DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION by the EFL with Parry in charge. The decision of the INDEPENDENT DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION was as you state. That could be appealed by both the EFL and the club. How is that Parry found wanting?
  5. I would change the rules on accounting periods and projections. The real problem is the lack of up to date information. Firstly I would force all clubs to have a 31 May Accounting Date. Secondly you submit your company accounts for 31 May audited and signed off to Companies House and the EFL by 31 July after the end of the season or you don't get to play the next season. Anyone who says it can't be done has never tried or needs to improve the internal accounting or get a new Auditor. The EFL can then review in August, apply any penalties necessary and do any investigations bef
  6. Of course someone other than the manager has to have final say on recruitment - standard practice in a well run business - it is very easy to spend someone else’s money and even easier the more there is.
  7. Currently it looks like the Championship table will open with Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County on -12 with Stoke and Reading getting an in year deduction of say 12 points. mmm - could be an interesting relegation battle - all but over by Christmas! And people still whine about the Lansdowns!
  8. I don’t think that the odd sale for less than £5 million will save them. The accounting losses totalled £50 million in 2018 and 2019 accounts, probably only missed failure due to the 2017 profit. Looking at a spectacular failure in 2019/20 season.
  9. Nope - the punishment by the INDEPENDENT panel has been handed down. Whilst this works within the rules (which do need changing) the EFL and panel can only operate under the rules agreed by the clubs. Bear in mind that whenever a club calls out the rules well over 20 clubs sit on their hands and say nothing.
  10. Some forward looking figures for Bournemouth. Assuming £25 million loss for FFP 18/19 (£32 million accounts loss) and 19/20 plus estimated lost income and current rules. Best estimate is that they will comply easily in 2020/21 then the pain really begins to hit. More about the overall problems faced than the individual detail.
  11. I think that the EFL should be congratulated here for their action against SWFC. They took a case, pursued it to the end and got a result. We don’t know why it took so long, and we don’t know if that was the EFL’s fault. The case went to a hearing in front of an INDEPENDENT panel and that panel made a decision. There is a reason why you have an INDEPENDENT panel making these decisions.
  12. Or another possibility is that as the modelling tends to the average it predicts the answer for teams that play in the average way best. As with all statistical models applied to the real world there will always be cases where the modelling simply doesn’t work, or predicts failure consistently despite the on field performances being the only result that matters.
  13. Got bored with the home working IT system failing completely today. So looked at the 2019 accounts for Bournemouth and Watford. Both are a complete mess and unless they bounce back quickly or make wide ranging disposals both are going to have major FFP problems.
  14. All these statistical analysis tools suffer from two major failings. Firstly the prejudices of those who invent them. Nearly every goal is scored from a different place in different circumstances and with different teams. How do you group these to produce a statistic? Secondly the interpretation of the results, is appearing significantly below your league position good or bad? Is it as a result of clinical finishing, a fluke or a model that simply doesn’t work?
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