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  1. Interesting. Thought I'd give it a go after reading your post and the exact same for me. Except I wasn't planning on paying a tenner tonight. Hopefully just a glitchy freebie
  2. I thought he came across well. Didn't want to go into detail about the vibes around GJ's sacking, which is fair enough but otherwise I thought he had plenty of interest to say. Like others I echo the comments on the quality of these. It's been a great listen. My only comment on this one probably more than others, was that it felt like you had a script you were following for the interview rather than allowing any conversation to flow. At times it felt like you could maybe have discussed his answers a bit but you seemed keen to go to the next question on your list. Still a fantastic l
  3. Bleak. Oh well, fingers crossed in vain for a general sale release which based on this year's ticket sales ain't happenin'!
  4. I'm really keen to get tickets for this as I want to take my father in law over from NZ but worried it'll sell out before general sale. If I were to buy a membership how many tickets does that let you buy?
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