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  1. I see it a slightly different way. Mostly he is for team exactly what You wrote but also he is the deep lying playmaker as well as he sees what's going on the whole pitch as well. He runs a lot to those slots where he's needed and keeps the game ticking. Of course against the 3 bigs at th Euros his break-up play will be more important as we will defend and counter attack instead of possession based play.
  2. Baby Nagy was born yesterday, we have 2 first time fathers in our squad now.
  3. I don't know, he just said in an interview that he discussed it with the baby to be a gentleman and get out at 06/06 between the 2 friendlies.
  4. Nagy won't play against Cyprus on 04/06 because of a very minor injury / knock ( alongside another midfielder, more of a precaution really). He will be available against Ireland on 08/06 (assuming the baby is born on 06/06 as pre-advised).
  5. The press asked his agents about it and they very politely ruled out the move. "Ádám has a long term contract with Bristol City and although we look at every incoming offer he has no intention to move to the Russain Premier League in the nearby future."
  6. @Lanterne Rouge At the national team Rossi forged the team very similar to Bristol City's main line-up: 3-5-2. But we play with 3 natural midfielders: 1 holding, 1 BTB and 1 AM (that is actually Szoboszlai). And Rossi plays Ádám nearly always as the holding because he is the most skilled and best in tight spaces with a very good passing range and game intelligence. It is Dávid Sigér whos playing style is the closest to him so as an example against Serbia he was the holding one and Ádám was the box-to-box (until Sigér was replaced, then he moved back to holding). Also Hungary doesn't really have a 6ish DM like Bakinson, our players are just not have that stature so we have to play this DM role differently and build around that. Rossi admitted last year when Ádám was injured that everyone can be replaced / substituted in his team except for him.
  7. A few weeks ago Hungarian papers started to write that 'according to transfermarkt Nagy was injured but now he's all right'. Then a I looked it up an saw that TM elegantly skipped last season and put that ankle injury in this season' stats. Not very reliable, is it?
  8. Thanks for the somewhat outsider opinions as I might be a little biased towards Ádám. It was a very emotional and tough week for us fans and for the players as well. Ádám said after yesterday's match that very little energy left in him at the end of the game after playing nearly fully all 3 games in 7 days. His performances during these games plus the 2 before the break were the best of him yet and he was getting better game by game. So despite I was quite angry he he couldn't even make the bench before it seems that the coaching plus his attitude brings out the best of him and he's developing nicely. As for mentality (his and the whole Hungarian team) just a few sentences how the last 10 days were for us. I think this tells everything about the real team mentality and attitude 1, 5/11 assistant coach Costantino got a positive COVID test, goes to isolation 2, 8/11 player arrive to camp but Szoboszlai wasn't released yet 3, 10/11 he arrives,everything is calm 4, 12/11 match day agains Iceland: Rossi turns out to be positive, isolates. We have 1 assistant coach left, Zoltán Gera joins him on the bench, we win anyway (our captain is unavalaible fdor all games from now on, only online team talks) 5, 13/11, euphoria but turns out all of our Bundeslige players have to travel back for quarantine reasons; plus 2 of our starter CB-s are suspended against Serbia 6, 15/11 our second assistant coach, Inguscio is positive as well, isolates, Gera stays alone on the bench, we start only with 4 of the regulars, draw with Serbia with some splendid play 7, 18/11 Szoboszlai has to travel back, we start with only 2 regulars and a lot who plays in the Hungarian league and beat Turkey with still Gera on the bench During this week Ádám didn't just play; he was the translator on the online tactical discussions, it was easier for Rossi to say everything in Italian and he interpreted everything to the teammates and made sure they stick with it on the pitch as well. Also every Hungarian player tested negative every day, I hope it stays this way.
  9. Nagy played amazingly against Serbia, he played on the right side of the middle 3 for the first 55 mins then in the middle at his ususal spot. Attacking wise it was the best I've seen him play; he had 3 or 4 key passes as well including a pinpoint sharp cross to the box. We had a B team lined up as all the Bundesliga players were called back after the Iceland game (German quarantine rules) and 2 of our starting centre backs were suspended for this game with 2 yellows. And after the changes if became like a C team so I'm happy with this draw. Also the match was very good, it is always better when the opponent wants to play not just park the bus like Iceland did.
  10. Thanks! Also Szoboszlai played liked a diva all game, I hated him for it. Then he nicks that winner... Still don't like him but that was pure class.
  11. This was AMAZING!!! A dull game, first half a nervous game from us in which Nagy was the best Hungarian player and a howler from Gulácsi. Second half maintaining this 0:1, change after the 80th for full attack and we won the game against the tired Iceland. Outstanding.
  12. Hunsupport


    Sorry for the late answer, had to work a little. Yep, he was quite good. I haven't seen anything which could indicate that he might lose confidence because he can't make it to the matchday squad, quite the opposite. He seemed very confident in both games. It will be interesing if anything happens till Friday or not as I've seen on social media that his girlfriend enrolled to a graphic school in London 3 weeks ago. That was way after Holden said he spoke to everyone about their game times so they knew by then they will definitely stay in England. So its either he trusts himself enough to fight his way back or has something solid lined up already.
  13. Hunsupport


    Shame, it was a good game. Serbs were a little tired I have to admit but still it was a nice game. Good pressing from us in the first half, Serbia switched up one gear in the second; nice tempo and a few attempts on both sides. Amazing win for us.
  14. Hunsupport


    Well ok, I think there were the following much worse than him today against a PL side: Moore,Rowe,Vyner,Palmer,Fam,Eliasson,Brunt. This is my opinion and I quite like all of the above.
  15. Hunsupport


    So he's the hated one. Nothing wrong with that. I'm on the other side so we'll never agree on this subject.
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