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  1. Half of Ashton gate judges a player after 10 mins of their debut
  2. What se we should give afobe back to stoke then ?
  3. So does that mean afobe needs to go back to stoke because he’s registered with stoke ???
  4. how people aren’t putting Eliasson in the squad is beyond me . He needs to start
  5. 4-2-2-2 Bentley hunt baker kalas Dasilva Nagy Smith Palmer elliason afobe Wells
  6. Refuses to play ? Fine him ... simple
  7. Zaha for palace around 2011/12 and assombalonga when we played for Peterborough
  8. Not sending Birmingham down to league 1
  9. Would you said JD is Charltons all time best left back ? I was thinking Ashley Williams would get into Swansea’s all time 11 maybe afobe at MK?
  10. The Bristol City Facebook page recently put out a question asking fans who they think are Bristol city’s all time top 11 the majority of people put flint and bryan in their 11 .... bryan is currently at Fulham and flints at Cardiff which got me thinking .... do you think any of our current squad would be in there former teams all time 11 ? If so ... who?
  11. England career is over
  12. If the season were to restart again in June would Benik be available to play for us or would he be back at stoke?
  13. Do we get a refund for our remaining home fixtures if the season is cancelled ?
  14. Charlie0016


    I’d have taken still being 7th come 5pm today
  15. make a thread on him when he’s doing it in league 1 (minimum) consistently . Anything below that is no good to us if we want to move forward
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