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  1. Just put it back a few hours, maybe 6.30 when it's cooler
  2. Sorry doesn't qualify early 80s
  3. He played in midfield, I think he was in the same apprentice group as Andy Llewellyn 82-84 ish, he was from Frome or nearby.
  4. Come on mate, it's not that hot! Just go and have a Keo or Leon! that will hit the spot! I think I'll go for 2-1
  5. I think I remember reading he had brain cancer, remember him playing for Arsenal. RIP Paul.
  6. Thanks Rich, glad to hear you and Jim are well!
  7. Hi Graham, yes it's Chris, I enjoy reading your posts!
  8. I used to travel with Rich, Jim and Mike ( Mr Coke), Dave,( Beryl's son) there were a couple of Graham's as I remember. I used to work at the gate for a few years at the time. In the early 80s.I remember the Halifax game, Graham mentioned, we all went for a drink in their supporters club. I'm now living in Cyprus.
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