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  1. Sounds good to me but what is this all about. I would love to have more info.
  2. Might be prudent for the mods to take this one out. It is too upsetting for me and posts by fellow OTIB supporters are all shocked. We do not need to attract any liability where our valid comments around the devastating events that took place in regards to this young lad can be interpretated by any legal team in favor of the scum that did this hidious task.,
  3. reading these posts has bought tears to my eyes. Bloody hell what is going on around the world.
  4. Well the last of the five test matches between OZ and us Pomms is in Perth. Can not buy tickets though as the venue maybe called off due to the restrict WA travel boarders with other states. Those of which may of visited OZ years back and attended the WACA ground that ground is gone and dusted. Google Optus Stadium and the pub called the 'shag bar" Perth over looking the Swan river. There is still memoribala around the bar from the barmy army
  5. I do not think it will eventuate but the pressure on NP poor bloke must be building. The clubs expectations and the supporters expectations are and always been quite realistic that promotion was always going to be two seasons away. But we are always two season away. NP will never get the sack and most likely leave on his own terms. After all he is one of the best we have had.
  6. Great words Red Rock you summed it up. So tragic all round
  7. Old east end ender. Looks like a good bet to me unfortunatly . Sorry to say it but if we do not get at least four points out of our next four matches then I bet the posts go crazy in regards to NP going forward and him seeing out the rest of the season. Hope it does not get to that stage but I see it boiling away in the background.
  8. It is a very sad event. Shocking to say the least.
  9. Hey Dark Side I can not really see the attachments. For what it is worth this will likely occur. The Rams are playing quite well of late and Rooney would most probably be pulling out his recent hair plant. The Rams have played quite well and the last three matches that have thrown away some vital points they desperately need. Having said that so have we. My bet today is unfortunately a 1-1 draw and not a home win for us. The goal scorers for the Rams would most likely be Boldock or Lawrence. City goal coming from Weissman or a surprise goal by Massengo and might be worth putting on a couple of quid on the young lad scoring. Massengo deserves award from his continual commitment. A goal for him will build is confidence. Going back in a bit of history from the 70s I remember now at home games and my dad taking me. We always were in the Enclosure in front of the then called Grand Stand looking onto the pitch with the East End on our right hand side. Season 76/77 the great season also where I think every City supporter traveled to Coventry for the historic last game of the season on the 2-2 draw at the end. Not with standing that we are talking about Derby. That season I remember the home one where it was a draw against the Rams 2-2 and Keith and Gerry Sweeney scoring the goals. Season 77/78 it was a more of a greater home win with sticks Tom Ritchie scoring two goals and Donny G scoring the third. I sincerely wish that all you great City supporters witness a great win at home today. I google week in and week out the scenes of you City supporters attending home and away games singing your hearts out on wins and of which there should be more of them, I look at the OTIB flags and enjoy and smile the pride of you guys I see on the highlightes. I miss not being able to get back to the UK having a few ciders, going to BS3 ,family and the great city of Bristol. Not sure what has too do with the original post but my head says a 1-1 draw
  10. Where were the neighbours, friends and other family members. I understand social services have a responsibility and they have limited funding.
  11. Is it snowing in Bristol . It is a sunny 32 degrees in Perth. Good luck to all of you today of which I hope will be a great City win. Stay safe and keep singing. COYR .
  12. Massengo he is probably one of the best team players we have, he is young, he has potential, he is getting better and better week in and week out, he still needs time but he is a future worlds class footballer that is going to go along way in his career. We are lucky to have him. I would not be shocked if he actually gets a goal today. Are you saying Massengo, Bakinson etc are only worth a few million ? are you saying Messango impact on games is minimal ? I think if you do not have enough money to visit BS3 I understand but if you are watching City play and Massengo who is a delight to watch then I hope you have enough money to updated your tele to watch him
  13. I just read up on the tragic death of the young lad and the events leading up to it. I found it quite shocking. I have two grand children 5 and 10 so those of us lucky to have had our own kids and now grand parents only brings home worse fears that the young lad must of went through. How in hell can people responsible for young children do this. I hope than someone like another relative can get to the two that did this horrible thing and do the right think before they got locked up.
  14. Well Hull will find it difficult up against Millwall next. Millwall have drawn their last 3 on the trot up against clubs higher than them. Both clubs have potential this season but I say Millwall will win this one.
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