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  1. At least some of you have a sense of humour. Rabbit, hare, tortoise lets please keep some respect on the clubs stance either it be ‘gone quiet’ which is a terminology when negotiations are pending a final outcome or are sensitive to the market. To think the delay of four to five weeks in the club announcing the successful candidate is not an issue or will it have an impact on next season.
  2. Well all of us do not really now but who ever it is we need to support and we all will
  3. You are missing the point around time scales. Ok we all agree LJ should of gone probably a week or two earlier. the new manager would allready be aware of who is in the mix around players etc as this would of been part of his interview process where he would of been asked around the existing squads abilities in regards to poor areas and strong areas. You need to take on board an empty hole in a major company or football club for 4 to 5 weeks does not need to be worried about in what is now technically an off season. The board of directors are not stupid after all their income
  4. Local rag, MI5. Wow. Please don’t rely on gossip mate or you’ll go blind if that’s what floats your boat.
  5. Well I hope you are correct
  6. Well some one has to break the boredom
  7. Steve Gerrard or Robbie Fowler could still be the surprise tomorrow
  8. Or a club in control and undertaking due diligence where respect is required around existing contracts
  9. Where is he staying on holiday? If he was in the mix he would not be on a holiday. Have you rented your caravan out to him at Brean down ?
  10. BCFC Blackwell. Come on mate i think you need to try and do a voting thing a bit more appropriate , how can people vote on gossip. I hope you are not a politician or some thing
  11. Either Hughton, Holden, or Fowler will be walking out on the pitch today wearing a City Polo Shirt. Well that’s the way I see it. I hope I’m wrong on all these 3. what would make my day is an European coach who probably talks German and has a beard, wears a cap finally does a lap of honor to day when he signs his contract
  12. I do not think we all do. However if you spell Houghton (best wine manufacturer in WA of OZ) or spell it Hughton. We need a manager of potential, football knowledge of the highest level in English league football and maybe with some luck some European experience. There is no one currently at the club I.E DH that has this experience. im still hoping for an over sees manager like on previous posts over last weekend will be appointed in coming days.
  13. The only ones making quids out of this are the bookies, they are laughing there bloody heads off watching the so called experts on these threads. Covert lock down I think and wait and see what the club directors decide and then communicate appropriately.
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