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  1. Obvious pre structured questions for Steve to have time to get his PA to assist him on responses. Typical interview with nothing new. One thing though I do admire him and he is great for the club and he has great asperations like we do for future success.
  2. Gees Mr Pop. That is a great concise over view of something I do not understand or have a clue of what you are talking about. However it sounds good. I have too do my tax return soon, how much do you charge
  3. Yeh I usually have a hang over on a Monday and a full belly from the Sunday roast. Oh and wind from the Brussel Sprouts
  4. Depends if it is controlled by experts in a controlled environment or idiots pissed in a close area where there is danger to those in close proximity
  5. KP is a rich man, great player, wished we could keep him, but wow he must be on some big money of which would be good to off load.
  6. Watched the a few years ago in Darwin. Fantastic show. it is not like the evil kineavle crap. The crusty demons do things on motor bikes you would not beleive (hope that does not promote some lucid thoughts in some of your minds ) They fly through the air off of a ramp on motor bikes and undertake some mind boggeling tricks. They fly through the air off of their bikes do some some somersaults while the bike is still flying just in front of them in the air and then land on the bike. They are amazing and well worth watching. I remember the next day seeing them at Darwin airport Qantas lounge and all of them had some kind of evidence of surgery and bent legs where they have fell off of their motor bikes. It is a very American production with loud music and they give plenty of crusty demons stuff out too kids. If you can afford it go and see them
  7. How about this exterior of a pub in OZ.
  8. I BELEIVE IN MIRACELS - Hot Chocolate
  9. My last game was 14/12/19. City 0 Blackburn Rovers 2. I was back in the UK because my dad a City supporter for all his life passed away that year. The pastor of our great club presented at my dads funeral a few days after this game. Me and my son had a couple of great seats in the Lansdown stand next to the press box. What a great stand and great stadium. Even though it was a sad visit I still appreciated the warmth of people in Bristol and the ones associated with out great club. Previousely to that every time I went back to the UK apart from family catchups my priority was to see our great club Bristol City play. COYReds
  10. December 69 home against Huddersfield. I was 7 years old. I rarely missed a home game after that.
  11. Only good things out of Leeds are two of my and our great heroes. Norman bites yer leg Hunter and Terry Cooper.
  12. I remember some great rivalry especially when I was a young lad at away games at the old Eastville ground. The gas and the Tote end and the pitch invasions at the end were both sets of supporters were like two armies running at each end of the pitch, us from the open end and the gas from the Tote end clashing mid way. From memory this was would be mid early 70s. We will always be the best club in Bristol but looking for a bit of a gas ressurection to bring back some rivalry.
  13. 7-0 and automatic promotion. Bristol Rovers produced a stunning second-half display to thrash a youthful Scunthorpe side and snatch automatic promotion from League Two on goals scored after a dramatic final afternoon. Probably good for Bristol football in general terms and next season only one division below us. Even though I wish them luck as long as they always stay a division below us for the rest of my life I will be extremely happy.
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