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  1. Nah its red wine. In Perth it is pissing down with rain for the last few weeks. The rest of the country over east like Sydney are buggered with the virus. Were you in Stockwood when the Man In Space pub was around
  2. Red Alligator wow mate Sunny Stockwood, I remember the Concorde pub very well. Mid table is a no from me. Top eight for me next season.
  3. Do we not know have a great manager in NP. I suggest we wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. you can now NP now has his preffered squad of 11 to 15 avilable players. All pre season matches have been positive and let us be confident going forward. those of us with opinions and not educated enough should keep a bit quiet. However this forum is open to any thing and we are all Bristol City supporters. Those of us that suggest what the team structure should look like and who should play in what position is not up to us. Please keep faith in NP as it is all we got. We are now in a better place now than we were with LJ. Maybe those song gurus amongst us should start putting together a new song/chant with NP 'bounces around the ground" This up and coming season is going to be positive for all of us and all you lucky buggers in the UK and in Bristol I wish you all the best in watching football at BS3 and seeing many positive and City wins. COYREDDSS
  4. oh well at least we tried. Be carefull mate with electricity.
  5. Did you try again all lights but with the ceiling light off. Sounds like the ceiling light is the faulty fitting. You have no choice now but to call a local sparky.
  6. 1- take out all light globes. 2- Make sure switches are in the off position ( take particular care if you have any intermediate switching ) stair way lights at the bottom and top of a stairway or hall way. 3- replace the the light globe in one room at a time while the switch is still off and then switch the switch on. If the light goes on then thats a win. 4- Continue to the next room and follow the same procedure. 5- As you follow this process then you will now which room, light fitting is at fault if the circuit trips. 6- You may have mixed circuits so also un plug all electrical appliances like kettles etc so as not to get confused during the process above. 7- Good luck at let me know how you go. I still have my sparky tools at my mums in Stockwood that are probably rusty by now. 8- Oh one more thing if you have a dedicated beer / cider fridge do not un plug it so you can keep some cold for me.
  7. best lunch I had was when I was back in the UK 2019 in October at a home game against Blackburn rovers. The KFC across the road from BS3 was brilliant.
  8. And what do you think of the football mate.
  9. totally agree. he is great with his ball at his feet and creates magic on the field. However his ball between his legs and along with what is connected to it is his down fall. Another great player alas that can not keep his tackle in his pants where it matters most
  10. I suggest you un plug al appliances, keep all light switches in the off position. When you are confident then reset the minature C/B in your switch board. Circuit breaker or replace the fuse wire if it is a realy old house. 10 amp fuse wire for lighting circuits and 20 amp fuse wire for power outlets . Then switch one light on at a time and then plug back in all your compliances one at a time and see what trips the circuit breaker or the RCD switch of which you should have. An RCD is a residual circuit device that will trip when an appliance or a circuit has an earth leakage from the positive live conductor to earth. if this does not work then send me the money to OZ and I will fly back and my labour component is free, oh and supply cider during the course of the works.hahaha
  11. if he played for us last season I bet we would have finished a bit higher up in the table. Rooney is one of those out of control persons that are great at something but totally a dip shit when responsibility is involved
  12. great football brain but an absolute bloody idiot
  13. on a positive side is it not great that you are now talking about away travel. Good luck to you and I wish you all and looking at City wins away from home this coming season
  14. It confirms that double jabs do work and have a big impact in life coming back to some kind of normality.
  15. Big P, Faith in governments and media is probably not the question here. It looks like that your push is against vaccine passports. We al know that you can still catch the virus even when you have had two jabs. Again as I have mentioned before having two jabs and this has been confirmed by governments and qualified people un like your self that two jabs assists you in going about your day to day businness and routine , watching football at Ashton Gate which alas me being where I -am may not happen again in the near to distant future, going shopping, going to the pub etc gives you the comfort you have done the correct thing by society, your mates and your family. I need to get back to the UK and what ever the government states and this will be similar across the world is that you need to present proof like a passport that you have had two jabs of what ever vacinne it is. I will have no problem complying. my second Phizer is in two weeks time which takes me out to almost the maximum time line between the three week and six week period. Australia is in desperate need for Phizer and there is a massive short full in what is avilable. I think you will find that there is no hidden agenda with any governments. I try and think positive going forward and support any government in any country that is trying too the right thing in mitigating deaths in their respective countries. Risks from jabs is very very very low and to me the risk if any far out ways death from what is horrible with Covid.
  16. well big p and not sure what P stands for. Mate if you have had two jabs and yes you can still catch this infection. However it prevents you from kicking the bucket and this is good for your family and friends is it not? A covert passport makes sure that you and your mates watching a football match at Ashton Gate gives you the mind set that you have done the right thing. The passport mate is what is going to happen going forward as this disease is not going away.
  17. And you dont think NP is all ready doing this ?
  18. Nah it will be a top eight finish for me. Any gurus on here that are good on spread sheets can put out a post on what we all predict, like the other one where which celebrities are going to kick the bucket.
  19. oops spello mistake it is Mr In between.
  20. What comes around eventually comes around. Any of you guys seen a programme filmed in OZ called the insiders. Who needs a court.
  21. I was born in 62. I still remember the build of the Dolman Stand. Once built I always remember the old farts in this stand started walking out around 15 minutes before the end of each match. I can only assume possible traffic congestion or time to get home and take there medication. Those years I always was in the enclosure in front of the old grand stand or the east end. In later years I did manage to get a free seat in block D of the Dolman sitting along side my wifes grand father he never never missed a home match in over 40 years. Tom was his name and may he RIP.
  22. He will probably blame it on stress as he has to manage a football team that in the short term is going nowhere
  23. We all do too. Just on the positive side I would predict a couple more loan signings over the next few weeks to bolster the talent we all ready have on hand.
  24. Because we now have NP. I see us as a top six finish. You can al ready see potential in the warm up matches so far.
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