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  1. Australia has more rain than the UK especially in the northern parts which are in tropocal climates. Tile roofs are not common down under either and they are usually colourbond. Most that have had them installed in their homes have losed money as their investment has not paid back. We looked at installing this on a shopping center in Alice Springs. Alice has the best climate, clear skys and more sunshine than any other Australian City. We had Enginners, QS,s on board and we could still not get the pay back required. We were sitting on a pay back period of 3.2 years.
  2. Do not do it mate. There are cowboys around the world installing these and a fact is that if not installed correctly there is no pay back too the consumer especially common with domestic installations. A typical domestic one in OZ costs $3,900.00 and it takes years to get back your IOR (Investment on return) Most dwellings experience on going roof leaks after installations as well. Panels unless maintained I.E cleaned regularly turn yellow and brown and the capacity of sun and yes you do need sun or at least day light with no low cloud cover your solar panel investment on pay back grows longer and longer.
  3. Just looked at the Spurs and Chelsea web sites and no mention of this sad passing.
  4. One of the great players that played football. Not only club level but national level. A true legend and he will always go down in history as one of the best footballers in his era. I will wish all the best to his family and supporters around the country with clubs Jimmy played for
  5. City oz


    Maybe he is fed up of the negativity on here and I bet he was thinking to himself deep own see what I can do. He is a prolific finisher if he was played in the correct position and most importantly ball service to him.
  6. Another one of your negative posts. Go and watch the gas. If you support City then please be positive.
  7. Very understandable and also very true. Emotional times affect people in different ways. We all need support in our lives and we all need to make sure we ask the question are you OK.
  8. Great post Dave. Gees there are some miserable buggers on here like DP. I look at the positivies this season and we are doing OK. We could be doing better but 12th is not too bad. It is a tough league and we are showing more potential this season than the last two. We can only get better from here.
  9. Loftus Road, known as the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium since 2019, is an all-seater football stadium in White City, London, England, which is home to Queens Park Rangers. In 1981, it became the first stadium in British professional football to have an artificial pitch of Omniturf installed. This remained in use until 1988, after which a natural grass pitch was reintroduced.
  10. Doom doom doom and gloom from you. Be positive for once.
  11. Tough one for us today away. QPR are on a 3 3 1 win, draw and lose ratio. We are on a 2 3 2. Are away form as we know is good. The bookies have QPR as the most probable winners. However for me a 2-2 result would be quite good for us and I have everything crossed for us to sneak away from the hoops stadium with 3 points especially if we keep COD back on the bench and let him loose in the second half. COYRedssssss and the almost 2K of you today visiting London have a bloody good time, keep singing, drink some cider, look out for one another , enjoy a City win and most importantly keep safe
  12. The below might be our new league within the next two seasons. Rugby (bears) might be the main attraction in Bristol if we do not start winning at home.
  13. I know. But did you hear the rumour about butter ? Well I-am not going to spread it
  14. How about this one from 1970. It was about the time I was at Ashton Gate for the first time. Always remember this and my dad and grand dad took me and it was in the East end corner and it was the corner where the Dolman stand was about to be built.
  15. Let us hope he does get some game time. I know there are many on here that are a bit negative with COD. But I think he will do well if NP gives a chance to come on for the second half.
  16. What is a bottle of pop and how does it run for 90 minutes ? I agree on any pressure on an opposing keeper is good. Just googled pop and it came up pop music.
  17. Well I respect what you are saying but your points of view are above my pay grade. You still keep stating black players for some reason. To me they are players apart of a team no what colour they are.
  18. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=wurzels&docid=608022839307358104&mid=E25C7A1CB6E372FB0D5EE25C7A1CB6E372FB0D5E&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  19. No bush mate. I just let it all hang out. No one can see me except the Skippies and the Cockies. I have also been known on some drunk occasions to blast out the Worzales on my Sonos when celebrating a City win at one in the morning and my neighbours 3Ks away called me expressing their concerns if I was ok.
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