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  1. NP took in 2007 took the under 21s in their 3-3 draw against Italy in March of that year which was the very first international fixture at the new Wembley Stadium as we call it now. Will NP take City to cup finals and promotion play offs over the next two or three seasons at this stadium that holds in excess of 90,000.
  2. Doc Balls, I thought it was a given that all players in the English Foot Ball League were doubled jabbed like all the other countries in the world that have a representation in all matches and tournaments in Europe, Olympic, and world soccer / football matches. I know this is definatly the case in Australia / Singapore and great Asian countries. I do not think there are issues with any footballers across the world or any others for example like the recent olymipcs where all sporting codes ensured that all were double jabbed. Your comment "players and not getting vaccinated " WHERE is this information coming from. I agree in your concerns around race issues as currently the spread in OZ is four times worse in areas where there are migrants and live in lower demographic areas and environments. Be careful mate using the word blacks
  3. I reckon no cider purchased in bulk with me dancing around on my deck stark naked for this season or next. However might be worth an investment for season 23/24. Even maybe some future planning for some Euro trips 25/26.
  4. Hey Louie, what is an Argus. What ever you do when we win I hope you get to do it more often
  5. Hey Rog, Not sure what you mean or my Mrs feels about it. She has not felt it for quite some years now.
  6. It is all good. Only the Roos can se me. we live on a bush block south of Perth. 138 KG,s and most would say it is a beer belly. Not for me I-am happy and I dont give a shit what I look like as long as we win and I can do what I want to do.
  7. It should of been a 3 pointer playing at home. OK things are getting better but still a few more years I think before we celebrate Prem at BS3. There are some positives in comparison to the last two seasons. We could still be playing some players in the wrong positions. I trust in NP for this season any way and most likely next season in the same league. we are playing now better and it is like a bloody carrot is being dangled in front of us for better things to come. However no carrots seem to be fully produced as yet.
  8. And they are not double jabbed allready. I think they would be.
  9. Been doing that for fifty years. in the last ten years ended up with pains in my chest. Usually about 1.0am on a Sunday morning I get up and look at the Saturday arvo result as currently we are 7 years in front of the UK time this time of year. The missues now puts two assprin by an empty cup to take with my tea before I look at the result at one in the morning. If we loose then I drink the tea with the assprin. However f we win I stand out side stark bollock naked on my big deck looking out over the bush and national park and drink a cider. If she catches me I tell her it is only a apple juice. Win or loose its weird on how it effects us.
  10. I just watched some periods of play on various sites. To me it looked like a good home match to be at BS3. Some promise with Nige it is showing through and there is a sense that positives are in play and culture in the club has improved. It is still a bit disspointing though that we still do not seem to have the quality to ensure 3 points in the bag week in and week out when playing home at BS3. We are getting better but yet still not where we need to be be. I do not know the answer on this but we need some wins on the board at home at least.
  11. Great post cider head. wow you must be older than me with your reference to the years of this era. They were great years and like you if some one said to me who played in what position in the 70s I would not have a problem in answering which players played in what positions in which seasons. I suppose a bit like Dave Fes now with his expert game analyisis and profilies. We are all City supporters and we always remember the times either good or bad. From me it is always a big COYREDS from me which ever era we are talking about or in
  12. City played this formation well in the 70s. Then later 70s similar but with Shaw in goal, Mabbut, Cormack, Cooper and Hunter and the list goes on and n 1 - Cashley. 2 - Sweeney 5- Collier 6 - Merrick. 3- Drysdale 4 Sir Gerry G. 10- Garland 7- Tainton 8 - Ritchie. 9 - Cheesley. 11 - Whitehead
  13. That is great info Dave and this should stop some of those some not some accurate posts on this subject.
  14. Great post but this is more entertaining for me .
  15. Now your talking mate I can relate top the first nine in your list and Chees of course. Depends on your age I suppose and I can see you were around in those great years in the 70,s
  16. I always though it was wow get ready for the good and the bad now you have started a fire. What happened to the Augergine as well. When I found out what I thought it meant I made sure I was sitting on something soft when posting drunken posts
  17. I suppose what any one thoughts are in what is actually a centre back position these days. More apparent know where formations change week in and week out. Years ago it was normally a 4-4-2. Or a 4-3-3. Now some times a 4- 3- 2-1. Any way a center back to me was a number 5 or 6 shirt
  18. He sure does. How about another Marion Pack ?
  19. Not sure how many center backs since Flint left but there will be others that can google this info. It is a different game now from many years ago around center backs. Many years back City always had some great center backs that moved up when corners were taken like Collier, Rodgers back in the golden years
  20. There are a few different types mainly around the diameter of the tube. The tube length is around two meters long. The issue is when I lay on my back and my arms are trussed like a chicken and my nose only has about 2 inches to the top of the inner tube. The actually blew oxy in to the tube for me and gave me head phones. this was to make me assured I could breath and the noise of the machine could ne mitigated. It did not work even with sedatives. It is commonly known that 25% of people under going an MRI abort within the first two minutes or totally refuse as soon as they see the machine.
  21. I thought he played very well. There was no weakness in his game yesterday. In fact he did defend very well and intercepted play by Swansea going forward. If that is not defensive play then what is. He is starting to show vision and when he does win the ball 9 times out of 10 he then plays the ball from a defensive base to an attacking format. He is the complete package and can only get better as the season progresses under the wing of the senior players and NP.
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