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  1. Who's Joe Low when e's at home
  2. Nice kit if you ask me. I prefer a simpler no frills kit and so does me dog
  3. Home. Cause I never watch it properly when out.
  4. I'm watching it on the hills of Dartmoor on me todd with a few little bottles of wine for comfort. Come on England ffs
  5. What a quality evening of football that was. Knew Mbappe would miss. He's had a nightmare for his standards. Hopefully tomorrow evening is just as exciting
  6. Well I enjoyed it. Another Wembley appearance against one of the big boys. Bring it on
  7. I agree. Most of these players look good in their club football cause they are surrounded by quality.
  8. If you can't get a tune out of the players that we've got then it's time to get someone in who can. Danny wilson for me
  9. We look like a team with no leader to be honest. No one taking the bull by its horns. Sometimes a bit of experience is what gets you up for these kinds of games . Maybe we do need the trippiers and the Hendersons to succeed in this tournament. Looking at this tonight, we will go out in the first round cause Portugal and France are far more superior to us
  10. Everyone hates us cause the media big us up to be world beaters. Our media is awful . Make everyone big so they can smash them when they fall
  11. It's ok but im 44 and stopped wearing shirts years ago. I like a simpler less going on kind of kit.
  12. I think the whole country needs a lift at the moment so England for me. Not bothered about being in the prem just yet
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