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  1. Well I'm 68, my ST went up by £10, and I sit in disabled section,
  2. Look what happened at Ashton Gate, last home game, players walking around the pitch, the IDIOTS ran on the pitch from the South stand, AW had to get his little kids off the pitch crying because they were scared, disgusting, what's wrong with these people,
  3. Could someone please advise if A8 disabled section is open on the evening, I've messaged Jerry SLO with no response,
  4. Red-Al

    U23s final

    Is the A8 disabled section open for wheelchair/scooter access,
  5. I doubt if the gas will sell 10,000, even though they were promoted on Saturday, although most of the crowd on Saturday were glory hunters,
  6. Considering you beat a team aged between 16-19 years of age to achieve promotion
  7. Yes,I heard that was the case on Sky Sports, it's was Scunthorpe U21s team, so what do you expect, one Gashead saying on my son's Facebook, the game was rigged,
  8. I've got a selection of training tops and vest from last season Inc last season's home shirt ,and a weatherproof padded bench coat all sizes XXL, all items reasonably priced, All procceds will go to the Bristol Heart inst,. If interested contact me on Pm, some items can be viewed on Gumtree,
  9. He bottled sending one of there players off in the second half,second bookable offence ,but bottled it, typical STROUD,
  10. No , decided not to renew, im getting a Membership instead, pick and choose which match to attend at home , or away,
  11. Our old friend, we love to hate,Kieth Stroud, will he have a good day or bad one,
  12. It is an offence to enter a football ground being drunk and disorderly, but it's up to the stewards/police to stop them ,it looked like the police at Bournemouth couldn't be bothering,they just watched on, AS USUAL,
  13. Which these idiots don't pay any,
  14. I think they charge the individual ,not the clubs fault, hope the get hefty fine, IDIOTS
  15. Then they'll moan when the rail prices go up, someone's got to pay for the damage, yes the innocent passengers,
  16. Yes I witnessed this at Bournemouth, absolutely disgusting, verbal abuse at home fans,too pissed ,could hardly stand,, wouldn't sit down after being told to by supervisor steward, if there was an emergency in the ground they'd have no chance, disabled fans had to move ,they couldn't see the game, I'm disabled in a mobility scooter ,wanted to go to toilet couldn't get through,,they pay for a seat,then sit in it, these weren't young kids ,they were grown men, disgusting,
  17. How do you know what he's being paid, or is it guessing,
  18. Come on John, why would Sky consider us, the rubbish football we are playing, people at home would switch off
  19. Says a man who knows absolutely nothing about football
  20. Why a daft post,? Just saying,
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