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  1. And KFC car park afterwards ,6 city fans inquired , as told by police next morning in Winterstoke Rd car park,police looking for witnesses,
  2. Jerry, I sent a very important email to supporters services on Sunday regarding my Health and a refund matter on the Sunday about the Coventry game, could you advise what's happening as I've heard nothing, Thanks
  3. What even on waste ground under the bus flyover, but council gets it in there heads to tkt cars on that waste ground off road, not even causing an obstruction
  4. Council control the bridge swings
  5. This is Bristol City Council for you, major disruption for traffic after a city game,
  6. Anyone know what the traffic hold up after the game yesterday,was there a bridge swing,?
  7. Redandproud


    Hi @JerrySLO Thanks for your message,yes please add £10 to my card, my ID is 1099896,
  8. Redandproud


    I paid my £10 on Monday 27th September, to watch Robins TV @Millwall , but I was rushed to hospital before the game KO with a heart problem, so I missed the game, is there any chance of a refund or watch another match for free, please advise,
  9. Not necessarily, what ever colour you want,that's why I can't understand why they chose blue,
  10. Saw the story on the bbc news,nice gesture Fulham, well done!,
  11. Why have they painted Johnny Atyeo plaque BLUE, who's idea was that, surely it should have been Red,
  12. Yeh we know,but would they say "Manchester" instead of saying Man u or Man C or " Sheffield " and not United or Wednesday,, no, its called respect,
  13. I'm only quoting what RB said,
  14. According to RB he did not celebrate,
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