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  1. How far is station away from the ground John,
  2. Yeh,and I'll light it,
  3. He's bored,like he was yesterday at Whitchurch car boot yesterday (Saturday)
  4. Wrong,if I was on coach 1,and I was asked to move because it was a "Regulars"seat I'd say tough,I was here first,
  5. Is it true,that the regulars on coach 1 have the same seat on the coach every away game, if your sat in it , you're asked to move,any truth in this,
  6. He states players will take the knee in the Euros, I always thought it was optional,it was up to the individual,looks like he's telling them to do it,
  7. He said I quote" not paying asking price"city offered£4m
  8. If you remember, Johnson said he would not pay the asking price,how wrong he was,as usual, came back to bite us,
  9. Not watching Robins TV,not wasting my 10er, save the embarrassment,watch Sky Sports instead,
  10. Still don't understand paying a booking fee £2 when buying my season card on the phone, full payment,never have before,
  11. I thought the same thing,never a pen
  12. Yeh, he'll be happy at QPR
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