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  1. Yes he does stand out as a consistant performer in numerous games i've seen him play
  2. Josh owers looks good, strong, aggressive, good passer plus some good defensive displays today. Hope to see him around the first team next season.
  3. On the bench, maybe he'll get a half since it's a friendly
  4. Not sure why our top scorer is playing as a wingback
  5. I had it crash a bunch of times, only for me to accidently close the tab when i was nearly done with the damn survey (since going back and forth between tabs unfroze it) and erased everything and had to start again, okay partly my fault but an unfreezing survey would be something i'd strongly be in favour of...didn't bother redoing it
  6. Not sure if its even a factor but anyone know if we're playing with or against the wind in the second half?
  7. Great stuff in the prem, 1 goal scored between 12 teams after 40 mins
  8. Owura edwards just scored for "his club"
  9. Anything know if theres any truth in this story?
  10. I watched some of it, not sure he even got a touch of the ball, it was all liverpool attack by the time he came on
  11. If we do sack pearson where will we go from there? Are there any candidates in mind? I know things arent great but i think pearson deserves at least a full season...unless perhaps we're in bottom 3. I'd hate us to be one of those teams that constantly recycle the managers position and get through like 5 managers in 3 seasons.
  12. What would be the point of sacking an experienced manager with proven success, who else would actually make a difference?
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