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  1. Your wearing red tinted glasses
  2. What is worst than racism maybe rape, sexual abuse, drink and driving that may potentially endangered lives, drugs related incidents, some footballers have only one thing on their mind, besides being brutal to defenceless animals.
  3. Although I can agree with your sentiments regarding fans. Unfortunately fans are not appreciated anymore only as “cash cows”.
  4. It maybe rife amongst your group but not mine, I’ve never tried it and I don’t wish to. The statement was a stupid, I can only read what’s in front me. I cannot read his mind if was not meant to be taken literally.
  5. Go and play with your toys you moron (moronic). Intelligent debate
  6. Your feeling or opinions is not my concern, I don’t need to justify anything. The proof is out there and as time goes by will come to light, which beginning to happen. Some of the remarks on here is beyond belief , if you want to accept wants being fed to you, that’s your choice but don’t visit your crap on me. Your just a keyboard idiot which I have little time for.
  7. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/freedom-of-information-responses-from-the-mhra-week-commencing-1-july-2021/freedom-of-information-request-on-reg-174-for-pfizer-covid-19-mrna-vaccine-foi-21-611?fbclid=IwAR18-qlT1m46b3_pxh-kerCtsfetVdOoQS_Iq_BKlu4hZqt_cyXyX7YR8e0 this added to early deaths, and will make you think twice (three) times about having the jab
  8. Unfortunately, Fear is the key. Live your life as normal as you can, this may go on for awhile yet.
  9. Really! Obviously you don’t listen to the political programs. Boris and his cronies are liars. Boris is a proven lair by the law lords. He constantly lies and you buy into his rhetorics. So what part of truth do you accept the little lies, or big lies or the truth within the lies?
  10. A narrow minded response yet again. What makes you think your common sense is right. There is always different scientific views open your mind and get out of your box, you will see a bigger picture than hiding behind your fears.
  11. Spot on, there claims already won and more to come. Solicitors are inundated with claims
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