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  1. Wrong, we are slow and predictable and negative scotland are there for the taking
  2. It as no meaning in Latin. Mockery: don’t let the bastards grind you down
  3. You mis-read that and miss the point
  4. Awful football for last couple of seasons, we deserve what we get. The board new exactly what they were doing and it’s back fired big time. I’ll be very surprise if we don’t go down.
  5. It’s a ******* joke, a laughing stock, teams turn up and know they’re going to win
  6. We are sooooo slow to sort out a manager and when we do it’s a load of garbage. Sacking DH with no one in line- really!!
  7. Relegation battle coming very soon
  8. No disrespect to Emma, but men’s football world is different attitude, macho, misogyny just to name a few. She have to knock a lot of walls down before she can get her message of playing football
  9. And a clown to accept the job. No one forced him to take the job, so the blame does lie with him. Big dreams zero reality.
  10. How much more do we have to watch this shower of shit. He needs to go now
  11. So your one of them a gutless keyboard warrior, a child with a toy, enough said
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