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  1. Well, You either commit to paying for quality replacements or you don’t. If the finances don’t allow for such investment, then we have to continue to develop the young players even if it means doing it in league 1
  2. Sorry, I lost track of thread. I was responding to the opinion that things were equally as bad in the 60s and 70s. I added that we went up on the 70s
  3. Thought we went up to the First Division in the 70s
  4. Yeah but come on. We really didn’t deserve to win on Wednesday. Outplayed for most of the game
  5. But is it unfair of fans to believe that a new, ‘better’ manager can do better with the existing squad? We seem to be getting worse.
  6. I wonder if it is simply a case of not replacing the quality players that left: Webster, Browning, Cordova-Reid, Bryan, Kelly, Diedhiou, etc. The squad is palpably weaker and NP’s argument that the big, flabby squad with too many injuries had to be slimmed down hasn’t paid off. (It may have been a spin from the top to cover the cut in the wage bill) Cardiff City did not replace quality players that left with similar consequences
  7. Prediction: All petrol and diesel cars will be banned on UK roads before Bristol City reach the Premier League
  8. Fair play, Sky betting are watching us play. The draw is currently 6/1
  9. Yes but Hope springs eternal. We sledgers know we are not a good side but at least we deserve some collective effort and a few half decent passing movements to warm the cockles on such a day. You see, it’s the dodgers who keep coming back each year, paying the money and having an opinion.
  10. Yeah but be honest we are being outplayed by a team in the bottom half. Hysteria is what it deserves
  11. Yeah. Really depressing. We are so bad. Can’t remember a decent move
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