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  1. Are you seriously comparing Gillies with Gould? Donnie Gillies was just a sprinter, very little in the way of skill. Gould played in a superb Arsenal side. Don’t think Donnie would have made that side.
  2. Well, I watched Bobby Gould play for the City and I can confirm that his footballing brain and deft skills were way ahead of our boys on many occasions.
  3. Perhaps he likes a beard Perhaps he likes a beard
  4. Does it matter? Leeds, West Brom, Brentford and Fulham miles better than us. Cardiff, Swansea, Forest better than us Preston, Derby, Millwall about the same. Don’t care who was manager, current squad is not good enough. Think of our squad and name those who would get in the top 4 teams. oh, sorry. Callum O’Dowda ............
  5. SG at Bristol City would work out like OGS at Cardiff City for the same reasons
  6. Doesn’t mean anything. Some kids like one teacher, whilst others dislike them. Footballers are essentially big kids. Go figure
  7. Mourinho, Wenger, McMenemy, not players of any real merit.
  8. Be interesting to see how Palmer goes under new management.
  9. He was lightweight , gutless player. Did you watch him play?
  10. I have a spare room in one of my rentals
  11. Who would want to come here, to play or manage? Eddie Nketiah says a little prayer every night before bed
  12. Lansdownes only interested in turnover
  13. Did we play with character and charisma, Lee?
  14. Jefferz


    What? When did you see Glen Hoddle snapping at the heels of anyone? when did you see Pirlo scalping at the heels of anyone? You are thinking of the water-carriers. Ze seagulls that follow ze trawler
  15. Jefferz


    Funny, I see it differently. Massengo is too good for this mediocre side. He is quick thinking and creative with a repertoire of intelligent passing that others don’t read. He plays reverse balls and threaded balls that mystify the slow of thinking like Korey Smith who is much more limited. Without intelligent movement it nullifies the likes of Massengo and Palmer who thrive on targets for their passing. I watched the game last night and apart from thinking that the Blues simply outplayed us and looked more like a top six prospect, I lost count of the times our midfield broke free, looked forward and spun out again because of the lack of options. When did you see the great Spanish midfield constantly turning out to go back and sideways. Good movement begins as a state of mind and is a great skill/aptitude in the game. To link with another somewhat sad thread. The wonderful Chris Garland had great movement and intuitive timing. God bless him
  16. Surely from what I see today the problem is in midfield. The back 3/4 are pretty competitive, strong and fairly solid but the midfield area is lacking in pace, competitiveness and creativity. I’ve now seen Kasey Palmer half a dozen times, and he has been off the pace, unable to retain possession and lacking in commitment. If the forward, searching pass is his strength then he isn’t consistent enough at this level. O’Dowda is is similarly slow and takes the wrong option too many times. Nagy and Massengo are promising but lacking drive and commitment. Korey Smith added some stability with his ball-winning and linking work but he is still short of game time.
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