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  1. What I admire the most after his incredible work rate is that he just gets up and gets on with it!
  2. I would ask Richard Gould when they are going to bin the crap pies that we’ve been eating this season. It may be better mark up but that doesn’t matter if people aren’t buying them. Perhaps they would taste nicer with orange jam on them!
  3. Put in a decent performance. HNM did and then stayed in the team. We all know what Wells CAN do but has he delivered?
  4. I don’t think he’ll get sacked even if we were to go down. Personally think we will be fine. We just need the first win to build on.
  5. We’re not buying anyone and we are not selling anyone. So Gregor has nothing to write about. Must be difficult to turn out conjuncture day after day in close season. The markets stagnant so not even the usual rumour mill. A bit harsh for Pearson not to give up five minutes but I understand why. He’s getting minutes into players but gets cross examined over every decision as if it were a league game. I would hazard a guess that the MK Dons game will provide a better insight on how we will line up for the season and will provide Gregor the opportunity to cross examine the witness.
  6. Hold it, hold it. What the hell is that shit? I meant a song. A real song. Something like, "Swing low Sweet chariot." [the workers don't have a clue] Don't know that one, huh? How about "De Camptown Ladies"?
  7. Is the number on the side of the box how many minutes it feels likes played in the last two seasons?
  8. I think you are right. If not one of the new signings then it’s his.
  9. We all know what a great player Kalas can be but did he really do that good a job as captain? I don’t think he helped galvanise the team IMO. Would you stick with him or change for next season?
  10. With the constant chopping and changing of the starting line up I’d be surprised if the players even know each other’s names let alone how to play together as a team. Lack of cohesion for me. Might get better if we keep a steady team but would love to see the shackles come off and try and win some games instead of spending 90 minutes trying not to lose.
  11. Absolutely spot on. Look at some of the younger players coming through doing an equally decent job for a fraction of the money. To use your example of contractors-why pay someone four times more to pave your drive way for the same quality. Maybe the cause of some of the trouble in dressing room.
  12. Pretty much of the whole 20/21 squad!
  13. I wonder if the booking charge is somehow connected to the way the football club trade? Bristol Sport and Bristol City Holdings? Might be some way of keeping cost out of the football club to allow more spend?
  14. Totally agree we need youth and will use youth which is why keeping Rowe means we can get rid of several reserve players allowing a better pathway to the first team for the youth players
  15. Absolutely- he’s a central midfielder by trade as i remember but has played just about every position but. Cant imagine his wages are excessive so I would keep him as cover for several positions meaning we could carry a smaller squad. Admittedly we won’t win the premier league with him in the team but were not there yet are we!
  16. The lad was class today. If anyone wants to disagree then you are sticking your hand in the air and saying “I know **** all about football”. His work rate and effort were on a different level today. His passing was so advanced that his team mates were behind him by a country mile. If he plays for us next season I’d be surprised!
  17. Actual sober for a change! I live in hope that this time the right decision by the board will be made! Whoever that will be.... I don’t pretend to have the answers! But whoever comes in has a chance to rebuild the squad in that we have players out of contract departing and scope within financial fair play to recruit new players in. If the board get the next appointment right there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic!
  18. Why we have to move quicker than the six weeks it took last time!
  19. It’s not proven success any greater than Johnson at this level. But don’t get me wrong I’m not opposed to him getting the role. My point is that if he does get it then he has a great chance to clear out the dead wood and bring in his own players. Hence my glass being half full.
  20. Fair point - I’m not trying to suggest who I want as manager. The point I’m trying to make is that be it Cook, Lampard or Appleton who ever comes in had a great chance to clear out the dead wood and bring in new players! Hence glass half full! That’s why we need to act with greater speed than last summer! Six weeks will be too long!
  21. Not sure- it’s not really about who comes to be fair - that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point is that whoever does get the job be it Frank, Cook or Appleton had a chance to build a team with so many players departing!
  22. I’ll take a look at the interview. He does have a relegation from championship on his cv? Not saying I wouldn’t go for him but he’s not my first choice as I think Frank would bring us more opportunities but wouldn’t be disappointed if he were to get it. Thanks @Mr Popodopolous
  23. He also has a relegation from the championship on his cv?
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