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  1. JerrySLO


    Sure let me have the supporter ID number? cheers Jerry
  2. JerrySLO


    Can you forward me the emails you've sent to Streamamg to slo@bcfc.co.uk and I can speak to our media team who deal directly with them for you. Cheers Jerry
  3. JerrySLO

    City Shop Service

    email my colleague on Gabriella.Derrick@ashtongate.co.uk
  4. JerrySLO


    All sorted £10 added today.
  5. JerrySLO


    No we don't the £4.99 goes to the RBL
  6. Thanks for the message, great content. I've got a meeting this Thursday at the HPC with our club secretary and Richard Gould and will bring this subject up. Can't disagree with you on your points tbh but will mention that for all our away games are we have to follow the home clubs sales guide. eg for WBA they sent us 6 blocks of tickets each was marked sell 1st, Sell 2nd etc and each block had to be sold from the back to the front so if you bought early you would be at the back. Saying that we were always going to sell out and those sort of instructions would be more relevant if it wasn't going to be an away sell out. I know my predecessor Matt Parsons was very keen on some of your ideas but didn't get anywhere with his suggestions. I'll see what Richard & Sophie think this week and feed back to you anything constructive we can come up with. Cheers Jerry
  7. Thanks for the message, I've sent it on to maintenance. Cheers Jerry
  8. JerrySLO

    Away team lineups

    I'm meeting Downsy on Monday I'll try and find out what's going on. Cheers Jerry
  9. Thanks for the message can you forward the email to me please slo@bcfc.co.uk and I can look into it for you Cheers Jerry
  10. JerrySLO


    Hi, Thanks for the message I hope you're feeling better. We can't refund the Robins TV money as that's not a system we have access to, it's all dealt with by a 3rd party but what I can do is add £10.00 to your Bristol City rewards to spend in the club Shop. If you would like me to do that let me have your supporter ID number and I'll get the £10.00 added. Cheers Jerry
  11. Just to advise over half the allocation for the trip to The Hawthorns have sold out in the first few hours on sale. If you're thinking about getting a ticket I'd get in quickly.
  12. Thanks for the message. The protocol for Robins TV Issues is on the FAQ's but any issues can be reported via email to Streamamg the company that provides the service for us as soon as they occur. They can be contacted on bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com Cheers Jerry
  13. yes we can accommodate this on the coaches
  14. Morning, this is the reply we had from first when asking the question. “The FirstDay ticket IS accepted on the AG1, AG2 and AG3 services. Drivers know to accept these but First Bus will reinforce this training to staff. The matchday ticket on the app was taken off but has appeared again for some reason. Thanks for spotting this – First will again attempt to remove this. All the pricing and ticket information on www.bcfc.co.uk/travel is correct.”
  15. Morning, Robins TV what do I say. Did you report it to them during the game via the bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com email address, would be the first question? . Ive made a screenshot of your message and sent to my colleagues in the media team and that's also the first question they've asked me to check as well. Can you confirm how long it was down and if it was ok for the Luton game? J
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