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  1. Damn @ReggyRed really does live rent free in your head doesn't he.
  2. I agree, I post for the first time in 5 months with my opinion and I have people looking into my history and coming after me!
  3. And you are so obsessed with LJ that you go through other posters histories and track their usernames just because they hold a differing opinion. Is OTIB your homepage?
  4. I agree. Some people on here are beyond obsessed with putting the bloke down. They need to move on. But they won’t be able to until the next manager comes in and they instantly become their target.
  5. I think that an understandable stance to have. But at the time of his appointment I'm not sure they were looking for someone to get us into the top tier of English football, rather someone that could save us from relegation. And Lees track record with Oldham and Barnsley showed that he had the managerial ability to do that exact job. Lee did a good job at trying to get us to the top tier, and almost managed it but unfortunately came short. And I know the majority opinion is that it was time for him to move on (I hold judgement until I see who they replace him with), but the attacks on his character in my opinion is not needed (not from you! in general).
  6. Not denying there wasn't a small part of nepotism involved, there always would've been due to the Johnson family relationship with the Lansdown family. But to say it is strictly nepotism and without merit is just wrong. He had just won manager of the month and guided Barnsley to the EFL Cup final, having an already close relationship was just a perk at the time. And also, the fact he joined Oldham when they were in a relegation battle, saved them and improved their position year on year. Then joined Barnsley in relegation battle, saved them and was in the position of improving their position in the year he joined us. I think someone who had a track record of saving clubs from relegation and then improving them was a good appointment, and it was proven correct. Go on, name a more capable manager at that time who would've been willing to join a club sitting 22nd in the Championship.
  7. There are individuals on this very forum from the point of his appointment have wanted nothing more than for him to be sacked. Yes, it was a divisive appointment, but a lot of people never put their support behind him. After every single loss you would see people chiming up on here calling for him to be sacked. Even when after we were in 4th this season, following the defeat against Millwall, those posts existed. I call that toxic and not helpful in the support of the manager and/or the club. And then there are the pathetic people who constantly attack his height. Or call his appointment nepotism. See above. Mental health does not differentiate between an internet forum and real life. I'm not saying Johnson was affected by it, or even read these comments. But to someone who does it can have terrible consequences. See the number of public figures who have taken their own life this year due to social media. Not a newbie, been a lurker for years. Just fed up with this place, this is the first place rival club fans come to for our fans opinions, and when its is covered with posts bashing the current manager, former manager, or players to this extent (by far the worst I've seen on any clubs forums). It gives a terrible impression of our fan base as a whole of which I've heard from numerous fans of other clubs who have visited this place. Every time someone posts on this forum in defence of Johnson or Bristol Sport people like you immediately jump in and claim that they are family members. Why? What is so bad about others opinions that you need to make these claims? Its a petty rebuttal. Easy ride from our supporters? Don't make me laugh. See above. You can't claim that he had an easy ride in one sentence, and then say he was a divisive character in the next. That would indicate he did not have an easy ride.
  8. How much he got paid is no excuse for being toxic towards him immediately after him losing his job, especially towards someone who spent a large amount of his playing and management career at this club. Grow up both of you.
  9. Lee gave his all for a quarter of his life to this club and this is how he is treated by the fans on this forum. So pathetic. Grow up @CodeRed. Why are you so obsessed with the bloke? You got what you wanted, now leave him be.
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