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  1. A big thank you to everyone for commenting and sharing your memories, its invaluable to the project. There's some great tunes in there, and in terms of identity, as an outsider looking in you perhaps have more than other clubs we've looked at. This is the current 'timeline' we've got for Bristol City. Anything you agree/disagree with, give us a shout. If anyone else has any songs to share please let me know. If you remember roughly what season a song was played in that's very helpful too! Cheers (and my apologies for bumping the thread up - sorry!) Russ Conway When the red red robin 1960 Mid 60s 80s Al Johnson When the red red robin 1926 50s? At least 70s Dion and the Belmots When the red red robin 1960 Whistling Jack Smith When the red red robin Tomoyasu Hotei Battle Without Honour 2000 ?? ?? The Wurzels One for the Bristol City 1977 at least 04 but probably earlier 2019 Strange piano music in the 80s? Queen One Vision 1985 ?? ?? Harry J All Stars The Liquidator 1968 90s / 2011/12 ?? Republica Ready to Go 1996 97/98 97/98 Robbie Williams Let me Entertain You 1997 ?? ?? Van Halen Jump 1983 2004ish 2004ish Thin Lizzy The Boys are Back In Town 1977 2004 2005 Rossini William Tell Overture (horn section only 1828 2006 2009 The Wurzels One for the bristol city 2006 2006 Mid 00s White Stripes Seven Nation Army 2003 ?? 2020
  2. Hello everyone, I hope this is okay to post here – if not, moderators please move or delete as appropriate. I’m part of a team at the University of Sheffield, led by Dr Chris Stride. We've published a number of academic papers and magazine articles relating to football history, on subjects such as statues and replica shirts (see, for example sportingstatues.com, and https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17460263.2019.1578255). Our current project is investigating the music that football teams have run or walked out of the tunnel to over the years. We are looking for the music that Bristol City have run out to for as many seasons in the past as you can recall. We are simply interested in the title of the song, the artist who recorded it, and for which seasons Bristol City ran out to this. Any help you can give us to piece together the different songs that your club has run out to would be hugely appreciated. If you have any personal anecdotes around the reasons for the songs being used, or the changes between them, that would also be fantastic. I should also add that we are not interested in goal music, or a song that is played at the final whistle, but just the song that is on the tannoy system as the players enter the field. If you think someone else may be able to help, or you have any questions, please let us know! We would be very happy to discuss the project. Thanks for your time guys, Joe Headland
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