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  1. Put the toys back in the pram Tom. We’ve seen this before.
  2. Reading town centre is decent. Why anyone would go near the ground early doors is beyond me.
  3. Surely we didn’t take numbers up to Boro midweek? Must’ve been a handful of fans for a midweek game, mainly shirters.
  4. Elland Road and Molineux only decent home atmospheres left in this country for my money.
  5. This is an incredibly random thread, but does anybody on here remember the Dean Cox handball shout in front of the Williams back in our promotion season? Was just telling a mate about it, it was the squeakiest squeal I’ve ever heard, the whole stand was in absolute hysterics and then mimicked it every time the ball went into the air for the rest of the game God I miss football.
  6. What a load of bollocks that is, he played in one of the best possession sides I’ve seen at this level prior to joining us.
  7. “Ole ole ole ole ola ohhh Bristol City” **** off. Awful
  8. Lenners


    Harlee Dean isn’t very good usually mate, you ask Brum or Brentford fans what they think. He’s a car crash waiting to happen. Pedersen has gone stale at Brum but is still a top left back, if we can sign him in the summer I’d be all over it.
  9. I’ve always dreamed of a pre-season game at Ibrox, would be brilliant. #55
  10. Mariappa can go at the end of the season he’s absolute dog shit
  11. Two academy lads on the bench today @DavefevsConway and Scott.
  12. Wise of him to observe what we’ve been doing so he can advise where we’ve been going wrong, because most of the performances I’ve seen this season it‘s looked like our players have never played together.
  13. @JBFC II won’t be happy. He’s still shooting people down who dared to voice their discontent at the appointment of Dean Holden. Say a prayer for him tonight.
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