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  1. 3 games more like. He doesn't need a backbone when he can just lie mislead and say it was always a mistake and he has no memory of doing this.
  2. 18 months of shutdown and Firstbus still sucks as well.
  3. sephjnr

    robins tv

    @JerrySLO Hey, has there been any further word about what went wrong with the desktop stream? is this going to be fixed by Tuesday?
  4. sephjnr

    robins tv

    Still broke on Chrome.
  5. sephjnr

    robins tv

    Probably took the server with him knowing our luck
  6. sephjnr

    robins tv

    Same issue here. Great start.
  7. All you needed to say.
  8. Or Wigan. Or Bury. Or Bolton. Or Macclesfield. Wednesday got bitchslapped with points lost a season too late, I wonder if they won't touch Derby after the fine after all.
  9. Depends on if AG will be allowed to have a certain amount of attendees, or everyone.
  10. Didn't think it warranted a new thread but Scott Parker has taken the Bournemouth job after a Mutual Consent nod. Are Fulham due a Transition Period(TM)?
  11. "... now, we're playing four-four-*******-two."
  12. That's literally all Twerton had going for it. And the station was further away from Twerton than Parkway is to WISE campus.
  13. That makes more sense, i thought it was a ****-you move.
  14. It may be the last of him depending on how far Hungary get Oh wait, Ashton's gone. Phew.
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