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  1. Of course..but these fixtures just don't happen anymore, and if as many do, want them to fold, they never will. Suppose I can take the laid back view over them, because I moved from Bristol when I was 16, but never lost the passion for City, never will. The rivalry at school was massive, but my sister married a gas head, and to be honest I used to go to Eastville with him and his mates, but never wanting a gas win. But he used to come with me to the Gate too, and those Wembley finals too, he always, he said wanted a City win. Those days at Eastville, and AG were massive local derbies, and I am glad I have those memories, some fantastic players, Harold Jarman, Alfie Biggs, Big John, brilliant. Anyway thanks for all the bites, best fun I have had for ages.
  2. Look, you got some easy likes and Lols from the easily impressed, well done, made your day did it? You are making as if Rovers are our rivals, my God how sad?
  3. Unabated, unchallenged , thought processes, yep that is what it is, would have hoped we have moved on from the seventies, Trumpton, Hollowhead, Mem, et. all, God sake move on, we have a fine club, don't waste energy on that lot, seems like we actually are in awe of them.
  4. In what? Rivals are assumed to be a force that challenges you, if that's what you think, so be it.
  5. So I am not a true City fan according to your skewed logic...grow up ,
  6. There should come a time when some should stop obsessing over them, to keep banging on about them shows they get under your skin. They are not our rivals, they used to be but not anymore, his sort of tribal post code thing seems to prevent us moving forward. I admit though to find it entertaining in their demise, but the other part of me thinks there a lot of other good Bristol folk who are completely down over this, and I could never laugh in their faces over that.
  7. They are a pox on Bristol, along with the Kill the Bill protesters, but our own form is pretty much diabolical too, losing at home 6 on the trot, Brum, Rotherham etc, IF we were in a postion to mock, fair enough, but we are not.
  8. Us mocking Rovers position, is frankly embarrassing.
  9. I back in the late 50s was Secretary of a under 11 football team, that played in the Church of England league. I must have been just 10 or 11. There was an AGM or similar of the league at their HQ at Temple Street Bristol. I went on my own, extraordinary thinking back being so young. After the meeting I was approached by a Mr K Summerhill, the Hon Sec of the league, who offered me a lift in his car. On getting him he immediately showed me some pictures of men and boys engaging in sexual acts. I panicked and fled the car, I did tell my parents, but they never did report it. Needless to say I never did go an where near that place again, but it still haunts me as to what extent the abuse was, under the guise of the Church.
  10. Agree it was always the season finale, well until they started messing and it was pre season for the reserves. Mind you Bristol has its fair share of yobs as was demonstrated last night.
  11. All these years without having a local adversary and some still worry about them. Get over it, all about what we do.
  12. Some get on the Bandwagon, not knowing why or even the destination.
  13. Good point, when you factor in the Luke Ayling Gate episode, looks like Nigel is testing his authority to make his own decisions?
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