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  1. Takes a lot of bollocks to come forward, especially if you look at some of the morons already giving him social media grief. Nothing but respect for the lad though, inspirational to others in his situation.
  2. god help yeovil
  3. This signing reminds me a tad of Sammie Szmodics. One the club has done their work on early and are hoping to seal the deal before competition come in. Not loving what I'm hearing on the consistency front, as Nige seems to favour consistent hard-working players, over the 'flashes of brilliance' in Massengo and Bakinson. If his wages are low and its a free I'm all for it though - and I'd love a contract where he is rewarded for appearances etc with extensions, so that we can offload easier should it become clear Sykes won't be part of our long term rebuild squad, but tie him down should he become a hit.
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