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  1. I'll whattsap Dave Barton. Tell him to **** off.
  2. Lads, let's keep hoping, TF is keeping positive, this thread is bullshit but more negativity isn't going to help. Up the city.
  3. Am I the only one who would prefer him getting the top job with Holden no.2. Not saying he's my first choice or anything. Don't worry, I'm not as braindead as MA.
  4. Feel the lads in PR are getting a lot of stick. Entirely the boards fault. Instructions to keep quiet and post pointless shit. Doing their jobs the best they can when the people above are acting piss-poorly.
  5. Not buying the kit, ridiculous prices for shit with a logo. Robbing fans blind.
  6. Spending millions when you have millions is good. Doesn't make up for a shit appointment. However, I personally love this club and if I was a millionaire or whatever I would get a stock in this club, invest etc. I'm not though, I haven't invested in the club. I can't. I'm guessing a majority of you are in the same boat. If I'm not spending on this club it's because I can't, Lansdown does, doesn't mean I can't have a ******* opinion on a descions made by the club. **** off.
  7. Part of being a fan is opposing your club when it's messed up. If you can't handle people doing that maybe footballs not for you.
  8. Oh and Messi has only played for one club during his career. Utterly inexperienced. Johnson and Holden have had very different management careers. The fact they've managed nearly the same amount of clubs has nothing to do with the quality of them.
  9. https://twitter.com/GeeMacGee/status/1290657187774320640?s=20 We've been lied to. Not a shred of ambition.
  10. Added Cook and Hughton questions as well
  11. All the reasons you have listed for it needing to be Holden, is the things I feel should be done by an assistant manager. He does not need to be fully appointed to do this.
  12. Overhyped, overrated. A "small club" spending £15m on a winger who can't make the bench. Had the tools to keep the up, hasn't performed this season. Car crash waiting to happen.
  13. Very likely a fake account. Hope I'm correct about this. Hughton > Cook.
  14. Hate all that shit about 'philosophy' and 'identity and 'game management' Always seems to come after a defeat on or off the pitch.
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