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  1. A mate of mine works design and is working with people who are making products based on past and present badges, and as he knows I'm a city fan so has asked me to give him the city badges timeline, post 1976 I've been fine thanks to https://worldsoccerpins.com/historical-crests-bristol-city-fc/, but can't find much pre then, anyone got anyone ideas?
  2. danny simpson looking in great shape
  3. What I'd hope from this signing, with an experienced Championship head having just been signed, that we tick that box and move on, provides anything King has and more, pleased with this signing, let's now look south of 29 and build for both now and the future, not just now. Not confident he'll be the oldest signing this summer.
  4. Been a big fan of Nagy's since he signed pretty much, is he better than all Matty James, HNM, Joe Williams - probably just. Considerably better - no. In a large rebuilding job funds will be key, as we seem to lack a bit, accepting a £5m+ offer would be a smart move from the club with money for Yates and a quality right back. Would be sad to see him go but from a business perspective it makes sense.
  5. Hope Rob Atkinson's of no relation to him.
  6. Perhaps my favourite player in Holden's extremely glorious era. 100% in every game, against the trend of a lot of his teammates. Versatile, powerful, good reader of the game. Best of luck MR Rowe.
  7. Made me chuckle that one
  8. Very early for this kind of thing, but made purely out of my own interest in seeing people's opinions.
  9. One hell of a player, not physically either particularly fast or strong, had a proper strikers brain and technical ability to match, what with the likes of Conway and Britton coming through - not forgetting Sam Bell - he could be of serious help to us as a coach, Semenyo too could pick up some decision making. I'd fancy him and Wes Morgan here any day.
  10. RedNachos


    Nige could take a punt I suppose, might give Louis Briton some Competution up top
  11. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/bristol-city-nigel-pearson-leicester-5451963 the link if anyone needs it
  12. This was the sort of reaction to Brunt rumours I believe. Remember him at Leicster, but wouldn't fancy more than a 2 year deal at nearly 30.
  13. I've got an Oxford mate, just sent him this, I'll post his response
  14. What next 4 FA cup finals a season? If its Christmas every day, the magic will go. What makes the world cup special is it isn't an every day occurrence, it's that special patch you get in a SUMMER (not Saudi winter) where you and your mates are biting your nails, beers in hand, cheer on your country. The more you drill into something, the worse it becomes, they know this, but if they can get their hands on a few more notes, it will happen.
  15. Brilliant stuff to hear about, Bigger clubs need to follow, being outclassed by Motherwell here the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, ST fees are nothing to these clubs, but to Motherwell I'm assuming they are. More greed if they don't follow suit.
  16. As a kid I went to an England vs India test match, I think it was me first game of cricket watched, so I had no idea who any of the Indian players were. England were in the field and I saw a load of men dressed in Indian training wear, I raced down the stairs and asked the first one for an autograph, he shook his head and gestured me back, but I persisted, his mate then told me he was the first teams sport scientists, the whole of the stand erupted in laughter. My dad included.
  17. I really like this from united fans, but the thing that troubles me is the glazers are obviously corrupt and bad for Manchester United, but the scale of how this has affected united, who sit 2nd in the sky bet Premier League, spending £80m on a walking brick is absolutely nothing compared to other clubs with far worse owners, the Allams at Hull, have publicly stated they hate the club and have sunk FA Cup finalists to league 1 (glad they're back up now - up the tigers), and Wigan, whose owner bought the club with a bet that they would be relegated already made, they also are in league 1. Bury, whose owner promised to recover the club from serious debt, well, they're currently liquidated and in the 10th tier of football. Yet no United fan will care one bit about these clubs, no mentions of them will be on the news, and no outrage on social media will occur. Thank god we have Steve Lansdown.
  18. Sorry, didn't see uploaded already
  19. Relieved is my main emotion at this, finally conformation that no Alex Neil or Michael Appleton type aren't going to be in charge. Thank you Lansdown, steve walsh next.
  20. Who do you suggest then? I'll back him purely on the fact this isn't his squad, is is a collection of MA misfits. We've been poor, but guardiola couldn't turn this group into play off contenders. I'm not excusing the performances but he is not the main problem here.
  21. OUTRAGED, same as the fans of these clubs, only plastic fans and supporters from china and like are keen
  22. Up the leeds scum, give em a proper good hiding tonight, 'super' my arse
  23. Once every four years like a tournament not a regularity?
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