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  1. Big Aiz lived about 2 miles from me when he lived in Portskewett. Quite often saw him walking back from the pubs in Caldicot on a Saturday night with his mrs when I was coming home from work. Used to love watching him play, hard as nails.
  2. And I was 25 when OTIB was1 .
  3. They hired diesel generators to charge the fleet of Tesla cars they had laid on because not enough charging points at venues . It’s all hypocritical b ollox
  4. How does the odious little bint travel the world ?? does she lease the Tardis from the Dr?
  5. I do as it’s easy in and easy out. Stop on way in for a couple of hours like we are tomorrow. 3 hours with food in pub and 15-20 mins to ground on my previous 3 visits to Ricoh/ CBS stadium I found the atmosphere generated by City to be top notch. Stadium seems to have good acoustics.
  6. Let’s hope so, think they allow 4K for away end and my seats show as block 9 right hand side of goal so we have the space
  7. Not a surprise, Coventry still have an active element as do Derby. Seen Coventry try it on a couple of times against us at Ricoh in last decade or so, one was at halftime when everyone was outside having a fag, they got chased away pretty sharpish. It’s never going to go away. Utter stupidity in this day and age
  8. I asked my boy when I saw this , “is Wells captain tonight “ as he was giving it some in the huddle. Good to see but unfortunately that’s where it stopped. Rest of season is going to be painful if performances continue like this. I for one cannot stand seeing Pearson sat on high, get on the touch line and ******* lead from the front like a manager should
  9. Ribery is a Kent full stop. Cannot stomach the man .
  10. Ribery is a Kent anyway, always has been always will be
  11. Just snapped up 2 and 51 left. Is this unreserved as it just says general admission. I have a seriously knackered hip and am hoping to sit on an end of row close to exit . Not in need of crutches yet but I walk like a penguin at times
  12. I would imagine they have to wear it so many times per season as per manufacturers contract?? Like any other team I guess
  13. I don’t suffer from colour blindness but from reading this thread I can wholly sympathise with those that do and from seeing the photos of green and red I can understand how frustrating it must be.
  14. Well said Sticks , very true indeed. Saved my arse a couple of times late 80’s early 90’s at Crapdiff and Leicester. Glad I made acquaintance with a fair few Over the years.
  15. Exactly and that adds to the experience. Watched non league at Farm, Bristol telephones, Roman glass , Brinscombe in last 12 months and having a pitch side pint during game and chat with locals is great. Also watched Bundesliga couple of times in last 2 years and Hertha sell a 1 litre jug so buy one of them and no need to go up and down for refill , only problem is that it doesn’t come with a catheter
  16. Grade AAA, top of the tree Bellwhiff. He ain’t been seen so far this season then they do better than Swindon and win league in September and the Messiah acts like he has just had a bag up his snotter. what an absolute attention grabbing phallus he is.
  17. Was talking to a Swindon fan at Gloucester city last week, a mate of Gerrys, he said there is a real feel good factor at Swindon since that weasel Power left. Away support is up and fans are enjoying their football again.
  18. Whether you think it’s total nonsense or not, it’s a fact and teams up and down the land do it on a regular basis. should they stop eating Jaffa cakes at half time aswell ??
  19. Pizza is a fast energy release food after a match, lots of clubs have takeaways ordered after away games.
  20. I was there yesterday , Kettering upped their game second half and deserved the win. Gloucester only looked lovely when they brought the young No19 on . Had the pleasure of standing next to our SLO Gerry in the second half, always good to chat with him. the ground is decent as well, must have raised it 12 ft above last ground and you can still see the old terracing that remains behind one of the goals. could be off to watch Farm v Totton on Saturday
  21. Been to Hertha twice in last couple of years. Great old stadium steeped in history and Berlin is an amazing city to stay in. Deffo looking to go back a third time in the future. HAHOHE. Last trip cost £175 for return flights from Bristol, 4 nights accommodation and match ticket. Great value if you find the right times to go
  22. Only just come across this. Such sad news. Highly respected poster and very well liked . Sending prayers and condolences to all his family and friends. Fly high Havanatopia
  23. Wrexham are bigger than the gas. Period . End of.
  24. Thank the lord that self loving self righteous wage stealing bellwhiff is out of our club. Onwards and upwards
  25. My deepest deepest sympathy to this poor family . We lost our daughter in early 2008. Cannot begin to tell you what they will be going through. Richard and family , my heart goes out to you, God bless you all.
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