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  1. Haha definitely! Thank you
  2. Woah thank you! I have private messaged you
  3. Private messaged you. Thanks
  4. Thank you Hi Chris, I did thank you. I spoke to Peter I believe when it was collected. Massive thanks yet again
  5. Hi everyone, the response has been amazing. Thank you so much everyone
  6. I have just been on Sound of the City with Geoff. This is the thread. Many thanks Ben
  7. Yes please! Drop me an email if you could - bengrice07@gmail.com Thanks again
  8. Thank you Thanks, could you email me please - bengrice07@gmail.com https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2022-04-24/bristol-city-fan-heartbroken-after-memorabilia-destroyed
  9. Thank you very much. My inbox isn't working. Can you email me at bengrice07@gmail.com please Thanks
  10. Won't let me message you either. Think my inbox is playing up. My email is bengrice07@gmail.com Thank you
  11. Still looking please if anyone has anything
  12. Do you have an email or mobile number to contact about please? Thank you!
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