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  1. As described by other posters on this thread, the 'portakabin'-style club shop I first encountered in the 1980s was a real Aladin's Cave. As a schoolboy City nut who only made it to a few games a year, the excitement upon entering was almost unbearable! I recall seeing not too long ago a picture of Beryl Fudge behind one of the counters in the shop, either posted on here or in a programme. It would be great to see some pictures if anyone has any, interior and exterior!
  2. I fear that nothing will have changed in terms of the influence of money and the game, though it will take time for things to get back to full throttle. We've coped with the sense of unreality and incongruity well enough in the past - the cognitive dissonance of knowing that a club or a football-related situation is utterly bonkers in terms of what's happening on the financial side (think Premiership QPR), but still at the end of the day just being interested in what happens on the pitch, and seeing it all as part of the rich tapestry of the wonderful world of football. It's been remarkably bizarre during lockdown to read of the economic and social catastrophe of the virus, while clicking through Sky Sports News stories about £300 million pound buy-out clauses, top club transfer targets and mind-boggling wage offers, and all the rest, as if nothing else was happening. What a bubble, and you've got to have a sneaking admiration for it in a way ('World Set to End Tomorrow'; 'Liverpool contemplate open-topped bus tour while Man Utd mull Pogba future'). Nevertheless, while I'll keep avidly following the City as I've done for the last 40 years, this coronavirus period will only reinforce a rekindled interest in lower league football that gripped me last year. I started going to see Oxford City, then lower league clubs local to me such as North Leigh (amazing what an app can do to help develop and accentuate your connection with a club playing in front of only 50 people or so!), and those in the part of Cornwall I used to live in following my departure from Bristol as a young kid.
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