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  1. SBB


    From memory, bad attitude, often late for training and leaving a “parting shot” when leaving on loan.
  2. @Davefevswelcome to the top 10 tenuous links of all time list
  3. Got holiday shorts written all over them
  4. The orange is a nod to Luton, thanking them for Naismith
  5. No more WRDC. Looks like he’s off.
  6. Interesting that Han is the thumbnail.
  7. I seen that off-mustard, baby shit coloured “H” had posted and thought “oh no, oh no, no, no!” So relived when the “H” stood for harrys. Carry on.
  8. SBB

    Big Jeff

    Such a nice guy. Any band that was lucky enough to clock Jeff at one of their shows, were guaranteed a lively audience.
  9. Diverted their own fans anger and attention towards us, instead of them asking why their POTY has just walked out in a free to a rival.
  10. Taylor Moore can be seen in the video posted. 1:23
  11. At this point I’m more concerned about the future of this thread than I am Derby, it’s been a bloody good read.
  12. I think we all know who started the “under/not on the bus nonesense”.
  13. When he comes out and try’s to piggy back on someone else’s success, 2 years down the line claiming he had a part to play. I personally don’t hate the guy, he just talks a lot of nonsense.
  14. Well that’s a bit of an anti-climax. Hopefully Weimann has been sending LJ 50% of his goal bonuses each month.
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