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  1. Or the constant stream of injuries we suffered was because of pre-season.
  2. Unlikely but I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-3-1-2, with Scott in behind Wells and Bell. Snap
  3. Video hasn’t gone live yet. Check just before kick off.
  4. This is what has impressed me most and made me believe he can can play a part this season. His pressing is calculated and he knows when to go. Each time he left their DM to press the back line, he made sure one of AN or JW(or Alex Scott second half) pushed with him and to cut that out ball, before committing. …. His finishing isn’t bad either
  5. I agree. Gregor asked NP after the game. NP could have cleared it up by confirming Kalas would continue, but he didn’t.
  6. SBB

    Gregor and NP

    NP not very talkative today it seems. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/every-word-nigel-pearson-said-5696006
  7. Not great from Bentley but Simpsons pass could have been better
  8. Scott and Benarous really are exciting prospects aren’t they.
  9. Kalas & Vyner off. Moore & Simpson on.
  10. I imagine they will have to bring the camera down to wipe it?
  11. So you’re not watching the game then?
  12. Bentley down as captain is interesting considering Kalas is playing.
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