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  1. So not someone who studies Scottish skin tones then?
  2. Sorry to hear that, it’s a heartbreaking thing to witness.
  3. You don’t even have to leave the forum to find out the correct spelling of their names.
  4. It really is a horrendously cruel disease.
  5. Including travel and working away? More than the average 37.5 hr week.
  6. What a fantastic post! Great memory and memories! So sorry for your loss.
  7. I wonder if the sell on filters down to Colchester still?
  8. Man City, Norwich, Ipswich, Barca & Bayern. 185/1
  9. Edited 6 hours ago by SBB Typo. Trying to text while driving Possibly the worst autocorrect of all time. That will teach me to take my glove off at the driving range.
  10. What makes you think his mind is on next season? He may want to move on when his contact expires but that doesn’t mean he’s not committed this season. I’m sure if he’s called upon and NP plays him, he’ll give his all…. Unlike the waste of space we had ip front a season or two ago.
  11. As funny as it is, he didn’t stop it on the line first.
  12. Was a bloody terrible referee but a brilliant showman. Absolutely part of the furniture around Whitchurch and will be sorely missed. RIP Stoney.
  13. I think regardless of the result now, it will feel like a win a good performance for the starting 11.
  14. SBB

    FA Cup 22-23

    I played for the previous iteration of Ashton & Backwell so a bit of a soft spot and will be rooting for them.
  15. If I put any more topics on ignore I’ll see the Lansbury has officially signed thread again, soon.
  16. 3-4-2-1 Bentley, Klose, Naismith, Atkinson, Tanner, James, Williams, Dasilva, Weimann, Sykes, Martin.
  17. Runs in the family. His Dad wasn’t small and neither his Grandad.
  18. Makes the story even better
  19. This thread is a load of ballcocks tbh
  20. I’d be happy with that!
  21. Sad day. RIP Clive.
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