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  1. I’d take burning out after 34-35 games. Big improvement on 6.
  2. Not sure what to make of this post from Danny Simpson. Could mean anything…or nothing, of course. Just odd that he’s decided to wear his old Leicester gear.
  3. Prices seem about right and at least they’ve made an effort with design. I’m sure my nipper will want it all again, this season.
  4. Seen a wife and Mother-in-Law storm the pitch midway through the first half, to confront the husband on his apparent whereabouts and chosen company. He bolted and they gave chase. He made it to the changing room, got his bag and was in the car before they got their hands on him.
  5. Think you’re probably doing a disservice to Chelsea and Brentford’s final performances and also to the job Dyche has done at Burnley.
  6. Nothing gets the crowd roaring and out of their seats like the forward players pressing and pinching the ball up high. Something he looks very capable of and something we’ve dearly missed.
  7. He’s been really unlucky with the timing of things. His injury, leaving us to get regular playing time when he would have got his chance due to our own injuries and then Luton having strong competition for places in midfield. Feel for him, he just wants to play.
  8. We are blessed with right backs and I think he’s the best, defensively.
  9. Liam Walsh is sat at home rubbing his hands as we speak.
  10. I’m just going to try and keep the perspective of a 3-5 year rebuild and not expect instant success. Slow & steady with good decision making along the way. For me, NP gets a clean slate going into the season with a window behind him. I have slight concerns in the back of my mind about what will happen if NP fails to deliver the progress SL wants? Does the club simply continue its direction but with a new manager? Will it fall apart without NP at the wheel and need another overhaul?
  11. That made me laugh! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!
  12. Reece james, Ben Chilwell, Mason Mount, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham, Phil Foden, Kyle Walker, John Stones & Raheem Sterling. Not bad taking into account Real Madrid will have 0 Spanish players there.
  13. You’re going to have to give me a clue! I played in that side as well and have been racking my brain trying figure out who you might be? Position? Initials? No worries if you want to keep your anonymity.
  14. SBB


    Stars are aligning for Brentford, it seems.
  15. SBB


    Big ask for Bournemouth to hold this lead now.
  16. SBB


    Not sure if that was stupidity, arrogance, or both. Crazy from Brentford.
  17. That team was ridiculous. Lot of time for Tim, as well.
  18. Yeah same guy. No floater over the keeper, either. I mean a pinged off the underside of the bar kind of strike.
  19. Saw David Lee do that. We lost the toss, he chose kick-off, as captain. I remember watching him remain in the centre circle and thinking to myself “big high up the pitch........for a sweeper” Ping. 0-1.
  20. CF. After injuries, I began my journey south to CM and eventually CB.
  21. Give it 5-10 years and we’ll hear all about what went on behind the scenes this season, on a podcast somewhere.
  22. Renewed mine and my son’s. After years of spending 80 minutes each game scraping the skin off my knees from the seat in front, and the final 10 minutes doing squats as I get up and down for people leaving, it’s time to leave the bright lights of E31 and head to W15.
  23. Even if he hadn’t tried holding the club to ransom and even if he hadn’t downed tools, I still wouldn’t want him anywhere near the club next season. He brings the best out of nobody. For me, Fam leaving is up there with Holden, Ashton and Rolls as steps in the right direction.
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