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  1. Brownhill back in midfield now vydra is on, having a decent game though(seems like as per usual)
  2. I think we have been reminded by Bournemouth that a little club can make it to the Prem
  3. If anyone was wondering if there is a post match video for the game due to the social media boycott, its under videos on the Bristol city website: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/ (actual video link didn't work)
  4. He could be, I noticed he was limping quite a bit when we had a corner near the end of the Birmingham game
  5. I swear to god if he is injured as well, probably didn't make the squad
  6. Has undergone a knee operation today, no timescale has been put on his return
  7. Interesting footage from inside Bentley's goal from the Swansea game. It seems we have copied Ben Foster who has been uploading videos to YouTube of his goal and match day
  8. Nagy stopped Turkey from scoring earlier in the game, looks promising
  9. Been a very entertaining game so far
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