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  1. Hope you get well soon Nige and come back as strong as ever
  2. Martin had a shot on target just before tanners, our first was og
  3. https://ww.soccer24hd.com/game/match/5424/Bristol-City-Vs-Fulham.html
  4. https://ww.soccer24hd.com/game/match/5349/Queens-Park-Vs-Bristol-City.html
  5. I could have misheard but when I was watching robins TV, I noticed Tinnion was listing all of the players city didn't have in the 18 squad but he didn't mention Nagy. Could this hint to that he is off? Or maybe just had an injury/coincidence?
  6. I think first half of last season he was very solid (and I remember people having debates weather they would chose Rowe or Dasilva as first choice left back) but as a result of playing so many games you could tell he was tired by the end of the season hence the drop of form. To be fair to him he still always put effort in and I expect he played much more games than he was expecting to play.
  7. Brownhill back in midfield now vydra is on, having a decent game though(seems like as per usual)
  8. I think we have been reminded by Bournemouth that a little club can make it to the Prem
  9. If anyone was wondering if there is a post match video for the game due to the social media boycott, its under videos on the Bristol city website: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/ (actual video link didn't work)
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